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Hi friends, I’m sharing this fundraising link for a woman who’s house, belongings, and cats were lost tragically in a house fire last night. if you can boost it around I would appreciate <3

• Genderfluid
• Gender superfluid
• Gender ferrofluid
• Gender non-Newtonian fluid
• Gender supercritical fluid
• Genderfluidised bed
• Genderliquid
• Genderpyroclastic flow
• Gender quark-gluon plasma
• Gendergas
• Genderviscoelastic
• Gendercolloidal suspension
• Genderslurry

Sort of a desperate appeal to the #Seattle / Puget sound area - one my local comrades is a young trans woman who moved here to support her girlfriend as she moved out of a transphobic and abusive household. They're now trying to find housing, but their income is just enough to keep paying for temporary housing through AirBnB and they don't even have surplus to pay apartment application fees themselves.

If anyone around here is either looking for roommates, or has any space (even basement/floor/attic space) in their house where they could have shelter for awhile for less than the like $400/week they're paying AirBnB, that would be a lifesaver for them.

Boosts appreciated to reach the Seattle trans/radical fediverse as much as I can.

Using a hand auger to drill out a core sample of my gender and examining the layers




enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to “sight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

Enbies tend to clump together because their magnetic fields always attract.

awful shitpost; don't open, it's my worst shitpost yet 

the anime police car goes UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU UwU

a weed is just a pioneer species trying to rehabilitate a destroyed habitat

Please know that I brought this folding chair to your wedding because the invite didn't specify if there would be enough seats for everyone and I thought I'd take responsibility for myself, and it's not because I'm planning a "heel turn" where I smash you in the back during the first dance for breaking up our tag team.

But you know.

If you did want to get the tag team back together, and could let me know in the near term.

That'd be.

help, im trying to hide my ties to the FBI but im dummy thick and the clap of my ass keeps alerting the leftists

a star wars take 

the millennium falcon is a poly trio and R2-D2 is their long-term friend with benefits

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