this is like twitter, where once or twice a year I will remeber this exsits, log in, bap one status and then disappear... why is my VERY online partner dating me.

We saw some people holding up anti racist signs over I-95 yesterday

Today's gender is the sound of someone walking on snow.


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I’m convinced straight people are just never gonna be okay

The gender today is the smell of fir trees and sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot.

One of my coworkers is walking around hitting random things with a duster and saying he's dusting... but everyone else is siting in the lobby on their laptops so at least he's working lol

There is a type in this... but I don't even care. It should say "they retracted the laptop"

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I'm not sure what just happened but it ended with me throwing my laptop @catgoat and telling them fix the layout of meemu because I'm too stupid to do it and then when they tried to hand it back to me, telling them if they handed it back to me with vapor wave on I'd have a break down so they reacted the laptop and took vapor wave off. This is my relationship

Me: ... how long has my name been boob meemu....

@catgoat .... for months...

me:.... I have no memory of this name change

Im opening my island with doto code for celeste. If anyone wants in JV55N. Crossings

Today's gender is the smell of fresh cut grass.

Today's gender is focus and the smell of leaves burning.

I feel like someone stuck me under the invisibility cloak and stuck a permanent sticking charm on it.

So I went to touch My partners face and they were like "No, you cannot until you wash your hands" My first reaction was "Okay but can I touch your face with my face" The answer to that was also no... BUT my second reaction was that as soon as I washed my hands I ran up to @catgoat and rubbed my hands all over their face.

Selfies. Eye contact 

I made a tiktok of my year in selfies

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