amzn is still recommending women's clothing to me

I think it's a hint

OH and I'm Auri now (short for Auriga 🌌)

Beelz was a leftover thing from furry stuff kinda

I realise I should use this for more than just a birdsite backup place so


hellsite is down so I'll post laptop pics here instead I guess

removing the second HDD and putting the stock ODD back in its place, ready for eBay/cex :)

still enjoying making these n.n

if you're interested in a pair (Β£15 + shipping), drop me a DM

uhhhh ignore the furry bit of this, after me pretty much leaving it x)

engravings are coming out so clean now

just from some expanded steel and punk spikes 🀯

I'm on Odin/Light in case people are also on there and want to say hello n.n

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I have also been making lots of FFXIV keyrings

(and more recently actually *playing* FFXIV) :blobcat:

Experimenting with a simple wooden pride pin. Starting with a Pansexual one for myself :3

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