anyway, this is mine now πŸš—

gotta think up a name for them

I'm currently on my way to get my first car πŸ‘€

and waiting for a rail replacement bus to get there. which is hilarious to me.

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Hiiii it's been a bit, Mastodon

how've you all been?

also hi mastodon, hope you've all been well πŸ’œ

love y'all

main priority is car stuff at the moment. I won't exactly be bankrupting myself by getting a car early next month, but things will still help.

things like a dashcam, refresher lesson/s (after not having driven since passing 2-3 years ago)

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new/updated Kofi thingy :3

money will mostly towards car things, affirming clothing etc (and other Gender Thingsβ„’), things that'll help with work, food... all sorts of things

amzn is still recommending women's clothing to me

I think it's a hint

OH and I'm Auri now (short for Auriga 🌌)

Beelz was a leftover thing from furry stuff kinda

I realise I should use this for more than just a birdsite backup place so


hellsite is down so I'll post laptop pics here instead I guess

removing the second HDD and putting the stock ODD back in its place, ready for eBay/cex :)

still enjoying making these n.n

if you're interested in a pair (Β£15 + shipping), drop me a DM

uhhhh ignore the furry bit of this, after me pretty much leaving it x)

engravings are coming out so clean now

just from some expanded steel and punk spikes 🀯

@kat I did that quest earlier today! I was amused x)

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