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poll, should I trim my hermit-beard? 

I stopped trimming it a couple months into the pandemic and it's getting... unruly :yikespeek:

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Just in case anyone reading this is only now learning about Rudy Giuliani for the first time:

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:possum_rawr: CatDaddy :yell: uppied

Look at what this fucker did when she found the dog-treat jar on the kitchen counter

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:possum_rawr: CatDaddy :yell: uppied


Vote in such overwhelming numbers that the results are impossible to deny!

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Those currently holding power in Trump's America *will* lie (as they always do), they *will* cheat in this election (as they have ALREADY BEGUN to do), they *will* disenfranchise literally every single person they can get away with (unless that person voted Republican)

So the *very* first step before we can get back to the real work of making America a place where those crushed by a country that failed them can even hope to survive (let alone thrive) is to vote!

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A lot of people (with good reason!) don't like the Democratic party

A lot of people (also with good reason!) don't like the Democratic party's candidates

I'm not interested in trying to change anyone's mind there

But I am going to ask you a question:

Does anyone really truly believe that we can make any progress if right-wing, theocratic, authoritarians are allowed to continue working toward a fully-realized white ethnostate?

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There's a *ton* of on-the-ground, really fuckin hard work to do in this country

Entrenched, systemic problems that a lot of Americans are convinced are "a good thing actually" either because (they believe) they have a vested interest in the status quo or because they simply can't imagine doing things a different way

Yes, we have to do the hard work! We have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears in our own communities to make any actual substantive change happen

And we also have to vote!

uspol/nazis ----- 

The Trump campaign bought 88 anti-antifa ads on facebook using the nazi symbol for political prisoners

88 ads
With a nazi symbol


This was *not* an accident

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