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uspol/nazis ----- 

The Trump campaign bought 88 anti-antifa ads on facebook using the nazi symbol for political prisoners

88 ads
With a nazi symbol


This was *not* an accident


What is wrong with me that I would want to bring this into the game?

...but I've been wanting to make this room ever since I got that wallpaper...

I even have a vacuum cleaner running in the corner to give it that authentic deafening fan roar :angery:


God I've been so busy the past few weeks. Already was over my hours for the pay period *yesterday* but had to put in a full day today just cause the work had to be done

Turns out Monday's a holiday tho? Def not working tomorrow unless something major breaks, so long weekend will be nice

Between work and animal crossing I've made nary a post on here in a while...

Got the duck decoy recipe in acnh and *immediately* made this sign

:possum_rawr: CatDaddy :yell: uppied

Video game question 

So... Does anyone have a good source for amiibo cards around here? My partner has been eyeing merengue for our acnh island

Thank you everyone who recommended new horizons

My partner is now obsessed with crossing the animals, and they don't even like video games

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:possum_rawr: CatDaddy :yell: uppied

Trolley-Problem Corona Edition.


This one's a real head-scratcher.

I've literally never played animal crossing, but I do have a switch...

Is the new game any good? What do you actually *do*? Is there a lot of like tedious "relationship management" stuff with the villagers or whatever?


So this whole self isolation and social distancing thing coincided with me joining the meemu discord, and honestly?

I'm getting *way* more social interaction than I ever do normally, and other than my kid being home all the time I've pretty much just been going about my normal telework routine without really noticing anything different

:possum_rawr: CatDaddy :yell: uppied

@sky this is now a maned wolf only instance, when you try to log in it’s just a maned wolf compilation with the “two of them” music playing

And now we dry!

Probably put on the stain a bit thick, but I like the way it pools into and darkens the crevices and to perfectly honest I don't feel like doing a second coat anyway :blep:

We'll check him again once he dries and see how he looks

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