Two things are now true of me, today:

1. I am basically flat broke. (Have two solid paychecks coming in this week though, so it's okay)


*debating whether or not to get the 2005 car or fix up the 1995 car more*

*sees a 1983 motorcycle for sale for under $3k* :0 !!!

Found a nice prospective new car today (a 2005 Ford 500 Limited!) but as with the motorcycle they said my income level and lack of loan history is preventing me from qualifying for financing alone...

Unlike my attempts at getting a motorcycle, I at least have a way in this time: Just gotta convince one of my relatives to co-sign with me! 🀞

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just ugh. 

transportation / money / ugh - 

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transportation / money / ugh - 

On a side note... anyone reading this in a position to loan money right now? lol. But no, I'm totally serious here.

Keeping my car gassed up and roadworthy is eating up most of my disposable income, so I REALLY want to get a motorcycle ASAP. 😩

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Is there something like GoFundMe but for LOANING money instead of donating it?

You know, for charitable people who eventually want their money back, or for people who need money but are too proud to not pay it back (and who, like me, were rejected for loans or financing from the banks for not having a high enough income level?)

And if such a thing doesn't exist yet, is this going to be my million-dollar idea?

@#$% Capitalism 

Yo, but seriously, 'Rideback' was a great anime.

The opening theme, by Mell, is one of my all-time favs <3

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Wish my local motorcycle dealer carried THESE, then choosing my first bike would be easy. πŸ˜•

Also are bushes what chickens slept in before people built hen-houses and domesticated them??

I have so many questions.

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When I left for work today, there was a pair of CHICKENS wandering around the small yard in front of my APARTMENT COMPLEX.

... THEY ARE STILL THERE. Sleeping peacefully in a bush just outside the front door! WHOSE CHICKENS ARE THESE!? Where could they possibly have come from???

brb I'm going to go set out some bird seed for them.

The bad news.. 

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Update: I now have my Motorcycle Learner's Permit! 😎

Had to stand in line for nearly two hours just to get INTO the BMV, but!! I successfully passed the test to get my motorcycle learner's permit!

... Now I just have to stand in another line for 20 - 30 MORE minutes to get the actual card. 😭 πŸ‘

"Riding as though you're invisible" shouldn't be hard for me, though.

As a non-androgynous nonbinary, demi-bisexual I'm already used to being invisible. 😏 πŸ˜‰

(Also I'm used to every other driver in Ohio not paying attention to a damn thing they're doing, regardless of how 'visible' the cars, lights, and road-signs around them are)

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Every beginner motorcycle guide: "Remember, motorcyclists are HARD TO SEE so you have to be very careful!"

90% of motorcycles and biker attire: Painted pitch black.


Y'all hear about that upcoming Netflix animated series, "Deadendia"?

Apparently one of the protagonists is a trans guy / transmasc.


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