Girl Scout Cookies 

Bojack Horseman: You'll get a little depressed and want to re-examine your life... In a good way!

5/5 stars, thumbs up, highly recommend this series.

So, I just finished the final season of Bojack...

No spoilers, but... jeez. I don't think there has ever been a more sobering piece of media than Bojack Horseman?

Also the second-to-last episode gave me serious chills. 😨

If you've already pre-ordered somewhere else, you apparently CAN buy these bell bags separately, but they're like $20?

I don't know for certain if this bundle also includes Best Buy's other / previous pre-order bonus of the Tom Nook phone badge and $10 store credit, but either way.. this was the winner for me (especially since Target's bundles sold out like *snap* )

Yeah, anyways, I bought it and it will soon be mine. :blobheartcat:

*sigh* The cat headbutted my french press off the microwave, exploded it into a hundred pieces.

It was loud as heck, too, but didn't even startle himself in the process. Which means he definitely knew what he was doing. What a brat. >:(

PSA: There's a vicious rumor going around that Laika Studios, makers of Coraline, Paranorman, Missing Link, etc. supported an anti-trans group.

Laika has confirmed that this WAS NOT THEM; somebody impersonated them, clearly trying to make them look bad.

And now I'm seeing people on birdsite just blatantly making shit up about the films, claiming there are "anti-trans jokes" in them. Funny how this alleged content didn't exist in the movies yesterday, huh?

Don't let this slander spread.


I've got all these dang SP characters at this point, but I didn't even have KAREN until yesterday, lol

Is it normal for your personality to shift to match a change in profile image?

I mean I -definitely- have at least one Personality Disorder anyways; just wondering if this happens to normal folk, too?

Like, people do seem to take on different personalities when they put on a mask or fursuit or something, right?

Oh no, my cat got into my closet and SOMEHOW found this old leash that I used to use when taking him outside, a long time ago??

He dragged it out of the closet and left it near my front door. I think he's trying to tell me something 😭

I feel so bad that I haven't taken him out in so long, but like.. we don't really live in a neighborhood where that would be okay, I don't think? .... Also, y'know, winter?

Me, a confused agender: "I just don't... understand masculinity? Like beyond the toxic forms and superficial machismo, what's left???"

*watches Netflix' Lost In Space, with the A+ dad character*

Me: "Ohhhh, I think I get it now."

So I just found out about an upcoming game called 'Bleeding Edge' and.. since it's a PvP thing I probably won't PLAY it myself, but..

God DAMN do I appreciate the character designs. So punk, much cyborg, wow :doge_cool:

Eat Breakfast to Ska.

Race Go-Karts to Ska.

Slay Monsters to Ska.

Clean the House to Ska.

Make Love to Ska.

Is there any frenetic / high-energy activity that ISN'T made better by Ska?

I don't think so.

Me: "Okay, I can afford this new Switch and a copy of Animal Crossing, as long as I avoid any OTHER unnecessary purchases for a while.."

Animal Crossing news: "New Horizons will support Amiibos"

Me: ... "What's bebebese for "god damn it?"

Have The Gamers always been racist against The Chinese or is that something new?

I mean, obviously people in general (especially Americans) have been racist against the Chinese for ages, but... when did Gamers specifically start making such a fuss about who owns or makes gaming content and services?

Lmao ... Dude at the local hobby shop tried to offer me $25 apiece for my $189 Overwatch Statues?? (rant) 

Was hoping I'd be able to pawn off a couple of Overwatch Statues while I was there at the GameStop, to help pay for the cost..

But apparently they don't buy / trade for collectibles, even though they were selling pre-owned ones? Uhhh okay.

So I just went ahead and redeemed the $200 of gift cards I had saved, and I'll pay the other hundred+tax in March.

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