selfie, lovey 

Bfs kid finally used they pronouns for me unprompted....

cw shirtless photo, nude implied, tattoos 

After ANE, a whole work week ended by two days of intense training, I slept for 12 hours last night 8D

Would people be interested in like. A life skills blog. Like, “you gotta clean the dishwasher, here’s how” or “what are fridge coils and how to clean those” or “care and feeding of ur window AC unit”

Yknow it blows my mind how after everything, I’m a roo

Me: am i actually poly though?
Also me: has a cute squish chat with a pair of canadians, has a girlfriend, has friends I'm sexually open with, has a partner who discusses sexy dreams about other ppl with me with glee
Me: am i poly though

I finally taught Sisko how to give paw, and now he smacks me more.


ex drama 


A painting I'd like to do on community. Nothing new in this imagery but I still wanna paint it

Lmao listening to 1 trait danger on the way to my super corporate job is a mood

A writeup about trauma this weekend. Major cw for intense abuse, self harm, lots of stuff. Had to get it off my chest. Happy ending.

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