Spent the evening watching dumb video game YouTube's and I'm thriving

Anyway, I have A's sweepaway vacation for next weekend all but planned down to the hour and I'm EXCITED AS FUCK to take cute pics of him looking at planes.

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Me and datefriend finally told each other we love each other while spooning and looking at Victorian porn

twitch.tv/challengerapproachin Streaming a Letsplay Variety Stream with my friends at CATV tonight in 45 minutes!! We are doing Gex, Tomba, and ECCO THE DOLPHIN!!!!

I'm so excited for my hair to grow out again

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Datefriend has been doodling smut of his RP persona performing devious acts on critter and I'm thriving

what's the hot ticket mastodon app for android?? I used amaroq on iPhone but I can't find it in the play store

Out of context started humming the theme of brown eyed girl, murmured into the chorus, "You're my...brown eyed girl."
Aaron whispers, "fuck yeah i am"

me: oh my god dating someone makes me realize what id been missing for two years do we have to break up now? :(
me and roy: haha actually this makes everything way better, l8r h8rs

me and roy finally talked about our relationship and i feel LEAGUES BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dogs are making the dumbest sounds while they wrestle what idiots

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