I’m really obsessively interested in eating honey comb. Has anyone ever had it???

@Critter i bought some on impulse a couple years ago bc i couldnt stop thinking about it even though i KNOW i dont like honey. The only thing i remember other than the honey flavor is it being fairly chewy

@Critter i dont remember having a texture issue with it, just having a really strong "oh duh this is honey" reaction lmao. it was kind of like- if you've ever had a soft wax candy? like those sharks? kind of like that.

@occoris I LOVE honey so it’s just a way for me to have more I think

@Critter the reason i got it is because i saw some people talking about like warming it up and spreading it on toast the same way u would butter, which i still really want to try

@Critter it is not, she's talking about the flavors and mouth feel and tries three different brands/kind, plus she's also an amateur bee keeper
and does mention someone doing an asmr video and eating a whole honeycomb ????

@Gwyndolin I just love honey, I’ll have to watch this when my phone isn’t dying

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