cw shirtless photo, nude implied, tattoos 

Babey wanted to see what a crow tat would look like on him I HOPE HE GETS IT ITS CUTE

ex drama 

Am i in high school

Let me have my space, im sure you have yours my dude

A painting I'd like to do on community. Nothing new in this imagery but I still wanna paint it

food abomination 

This is the weirdest depression meal ever
Ground turkey
Bell peppers
Spinach whole weat bread

My bf is, cute. (Painting 40k dudes while i worked on art the other night)

selfie ec 

Dawsons creek lookin middle part eboy motherfucker

Hello! I have commission slots open! Done by Sunday!
40$ Per character, MOST kinks ok! RT if you can't buy today please ^_^

dog drama 

I think after 3 months this is reasonable


Going to a kink event this weekend and bought this 👀

[Boost pls] Hello, I have some slots open for colored sketches! 40$ per body, any rating, queer creator, kink friendly! 18+ only!

positive slightly horny gushing 

I love this boy

lewd i art i commissioned!! look at me!!! 

im gay!!!!! (by @satanandsolomon on birdsite)

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