portrait commissions are finally underway! I'm a furry but i love drawing humans too. these portraits would be perfect for your tabletop RPG character or fictional muse, or even just some fanart!

I'm gonna be charging:

$20 for a lineart drawing without color
$25 for colors & shading
$30 for a full-body piece

if you want something more elaborate than that, let me know and we can work out a price for it!

Attached, you can look at some recent artwork i've made!

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fursona lore/image Show more

updating this post just to let people know that not only am i still way way open for commissions, but i've also greatly improved as an artist, so.....

When you walk away
You don't hear me say
Pleeeeaaase oh baby

Yesterday I shared a Valentine’s Day cookie with my beautiful dad coworker with long hair and said “happy Valentine’s Day to my platonic work husband!” And he giggled and ate it, then a few minutes later said “you’re actually my first work husband, too!”

daisy duck on her way to pick up minnie in her 1995 subaru legacy outback

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When my friends and I catch up and talk about what's happened since we last saw each other

Also I have too many content places to post but I did art for my partners for the day!!!! Valentines!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

At the kind suggestion of a coworker on his team that I trust, he suggested I try to let it go and act like nothing happened. Cute coworker and I are talking like normal today and I feel less crazy :p

Maybe it’s because I got my neck sucked on by a guy from tinder last night but I think the cute coworker saga is tapering off

eeee @Critter drew us for vday!! He’s such a good bean 💕

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