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He’s also seemingly Very Straight but if my time on tinder has taught me anything is that men are surprisingly flexible 🤔

We just drop ridiculous situations at each other or complain to each other about our current calls.. to me this is flirting xD

Can’t tell if I should ask out or if we’re just buds

Me and cute coworker pretty much maintain a Skype window with each other all day every day help

I literally got INVITED to interview lmao

It’s not a paying job, ERGs are really “for employees by employees” but work gives us a budget to put on events. This one is for employees with flexible abilities, so neuroatypical, disabled, and special needs employees. I’m hype

Yo I’m interviewing to be a Communications co-lead for an employee resource group at work

And he won’t restock for a super long time. I’ve wanted one for like a year

Like I was on lunch ready to buy and someone talked to me, then my stupid adhd took over and I forgot until I got home

I am so upset. I was gonna buy one of Foxsky’s hats but someone distracted me and now they’re sold out.

Oh no my cute problematic coworker said really supportive stuff to me about work

Girl dog has taken to howling like a maniac in the morning. Fun

Liturgists following me I am not very Exciting xD

ASL is -so- about facial expression/posture. Like the handsign is barely part of it

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