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also i took 2 days off to visit my pals in PA but it didnt pan out, then i was like, ill just go back to work! but.. fuck it?? im enjoying these days off.

Went on a Friend Date with a local queer boy who's very active in local race-based work and we talked Poly and it was good and I got drunk

I really really love my dog. I slept in all morning cause I had the day off and Sisko just stayed in bed sleeping with his snout across my side

Polyamorous culture is one of your partners mistakenly sending their other partner a photo of “Clearly Canadian” instead of you because they’re high

There is a potted plant that needs to be hung that I move around our bathroom (sometimes it lives in the sink) and Roy just asked what the character arc of our plant is going to be

I reached maximum slut energy last night and I’m not sorry

striving to have the confidence of the woman who walked into this walgreens and just yelled “where’s the noodles”

Me: I have to slim down my spending.
Also me: straight to Hell leather jacket 20% off sale AHHHH

cute coworker, guilt 

New musical genres:

- Crumchstep
- Post-post-punk
- Moist house
- Dumpstyle
- Powerhonk
- Fuuuuuuuudge

No more spoons tonight but I love you all, thank you 🧡

transphobia, dating, (————) 

Finding out later in the day that my dog chose to cuddle in bed with me this AM and wait until I personally let him out for the worlds longest pee

when you get top surgery 

It’s just gonna hinge on if I can get him alone in the elevator again rofl ::us simultaneously blushing on the other side of the elevator yesterday::

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