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I guess im decided. Itll cost more money but i think living alone will be good. Ill consider it a year sabbatical

And, and, i wouldnt have to deal with cleaning umm

6 rooms

Hmm theres a lot of apartments south and southwest of downtown hartford

I'd be super close to work

Would be a bear for my bf to visit but he tends to stay with me for stretches at a time

Trying to decide if it's worth it for my growth and mental health to spend 300-500 more a month on a 1br or just save this money for the big move next year. :v

Shits really good, but its been bad and hard lately for every reason OTHER than my relationship and work

Feeling like shoving my head in a hole Disability advocate in pittsburgh needs support on patreon. Please share!

Google: how do i stop checking my email every 5 minutes for an update on this process

I'm freaking out because I'd likely be making 40% more than I do right now, AND working in my preferred field, AND doing work that isnt office drudgery that's slowly destroying me

Shits been wild. Been interviewing for a design position at my job and its all i can think about

Hanging out in a queer house has done wonders for my comfort with my body. I didnt realize how strange it was that I am not out to my neighbors.

Anyway I'm so happy because i get to reconnect with my bfs kids because his ex is finally showing some flexibility and willingness to be uncomfortable and I'm very :sun:

I really wish mastodon supported like

Tailorable friends levels of toots
Like super close people, friends, then followees...

Having a good ass time, miss my hounds though


Having a good week!!! In california! Saw some cats.

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