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Hoping to take some cute pics this weekend with Aaron of mini painting, I really wanna share with y’all how cute he is and all my good pics of him are nudes

Carved out some time tonight to curl up in my car and listen to silly YouTube’s while idly stroking each other’s hands/hair. Nice things

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My life can be perfectly narrated by all Carly Rae Jepsen songs

Meeting a client? Call me maybe
Grocery shopping? Store
Explaining anatomy? Your heart is a muscle

If you misgender me you must look at my nipples sorry

I need a tearaway shirt so I can expose my bare chest as penance every time I am misgendered to the offending party


found this picture on a manufacturer website and I think it has meme template potential

Datefriend and I have been playing a ton of dnd together and I’m very into it

So life updates??
I’m pretty much done Dating on tinder etc after meeting this adorable person who I’ve been dating for the past month, and I feel fairly polysaturated 😚

That dude that canceled on a date on me last minute a month ago because he isn’t attracted to trans people got back to me and apologized for being immature. I think I handled it well

Important updates; my right nipple gets hard now! Lefties does not

Hello I’m back after forgetting my passwords

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