Important update: my right nipple gets hard and my left still does not

I’m back, after my masto app kicked me out of meemu and I was too lazy to reset

OK, this is my log-out---Follow me at @Critter now! Bye!

I’m gonna switch over to @Critter today I think

venting (—-) 

I don’t want to drive alone. I don’t want to be there alone. I want someone with me in case I break down. I feel so betrayed but I can’t tell him that because -he’s- stressed


He hates the holidays which is fine, but this is the first year without my grandma and I’m so upset that I have to shoulder this alone


My primary basically never wants to go to see my family with me, which hurts because they love him and have done nothing but welcome him. So I have to drive alone to Long Island on Christmas without my partner

He is 200% monogamous to his wife, we just Have Fun. He’s good

Like today he chuckled warmly on the phone with a customer, peeked over the top of his cube to make eye contact with me, and said “don’t worry, sir, I can take as well as give it!” And winked at me

He and I have moved past flirtation into harmless and EXCESSIVE flirting and I love it

My dad coworker hugged me today for the first time since top surgery because he’s going on vacation and he gasped, “there’s so much less between us now! Let’s never let anything come between us again!”

Why did I have a dream about the tsundere coworker I hardly now and why do I have a crush now

I actually just want to make my own fur suit is what it is lol

I’d much rather have a baby beginner machine that has YouTube tutorials I can follow step by step

So I got strong armed into returning it for her old half working one.. which is admittedly cool but there’s no tutorials on it..

I actually bought myself one but roys mom was snooping in our house when his dad was painting and she yelled at me (yup!) for buying one because she has one

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