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So someone else at work said they were told they can work from home 2x a week and if that's the case

I would like to.. also do this

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every time I talk about potentially working from home people love to give me unsolicited advice

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Getting weird looks in the women’s locker room at the gym... greaaaat

Dogs milling around. Dogs snuffling my pajama pants legs for stay crumbs. Dogs burping in another room. Dogs collapsing in a sleepy pile of collar jingle and elbows. DOGS

It benefits the company: our specialty service team is a little bloated, they hired too much, so we are scrambling for work at times. This gives them flexibility to move me around as needed. I’m just happy it was my idea ;)

So work has been good! I’ve started my split shift between sales and service, essentially by asking for it. I think it’s cool that I basically crafted my own position and corporate was like “ok”

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do you like snouts? do you they're online?

as we find ourselves with more users, we're gonna need to scale our hosting equipment to accommodate them! please consider chipping in to our patreon, every dollar truly does help!

also, if we end up with leftover funds (like this month), you can tell us which charity to donate those funds to in a monthly poll! Trans Lifeline is in the lead for November!

please consider supporting us and user-selected charities at:

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Also I had a dream that Adam Driver was poly and went on a date with me and ohh my god the thirst

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love languages in the internet era:
* keysmashing
* "saw this n thought of you"
* shitposts
* regular checking in
* making art
* "when i see you in person let's [incredibly mundane shit]"

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alright so who’s going to ANE, are rooms full, who has space for critter

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We are all vital specs of invisible nonsense orbs on the scale of the cosmos. Let there be dragons among them.

Just remembered “The Oh Hellos”

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