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floe uppied

trans people interacting with each other on paypal and ignoring the deadnames


Home with a cold and feel like utter shit physically and mentally becaaaause i place a lot of my worth on my ability to be productive :')

My datefriend a month ago: haha I’m not a furry but I don’t mind you drawing me as a dog
My datefriend yesterday: put a collar on me

Mfw my gym buddy is dodging my messages about bicycling tonight >:(

In February I’m gonna drive to PA to see some college pals I so hype This was my morning affirmation, please enjoy! (A tedtalk about Bear culture, but also a very positive bodyposi video :D)

Taking my t means it’s time to take my pajamas off and get set for work I DONT WANNA D;

I should take my T but I don’t wanna get off the couchhhhhh

Got some very vague sensitivity in my left nipple and I’m excited

4 week post op topless photo (+) 

floe uppied

I may not feel great about myself but at least I don't respond to twitter threads with "this ain't it chief" or "weird flex but okay" constantly

floe uppied

nipples picz 

My customer just called me sir on the phone......

Work is doing a team exercise where we talk about what we do to manage stress and I’m like “don’t say masturbate and smoke weed DONT KRIS”

3 words every boy wants to hear from their surgeon about their nipples:

“They Look Appropriate”

Also I’m reaaaaaally debating this whole work from home thing after I talked to my boss. Coming into the office a few times a month or more is absolutely on the table

Excuse me who the fuck approved work on days where my wood stove is running

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