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I actually bought myself one but roys mom was snooping in our house when his dad was painting and she yelled at me (yup!) for buying one because she has one

Hmmm I might buy myself a beginner sewing machine soon hmmmmm


time to sit on my hands while these two people gift each other

and like -being bought a mic- so i can play video games with them is such a thoughtful move

but re-connecting with these other 2 people i felt very close to in college but havent really had contact with is really nice and good, and they're kind of involving me in their video game stuff

like aside from emi and D because my brain sorts them into Furry now rather than the scary box of COLLEGE THOUGHTS

trauma processing 

trauma processing 

like its just a mic but like, ir ecently started interacting with two of my old friends from college i havent talked to a lot and like

one of my friends is buying me a blue yeti for xmas and im really emotional about it

Halving gone through every fb pic I could find..


sex LooOoOll 

sex, LOL 

sex + 

sexual freedom + 

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