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Hi there! I'm Heiden (high-den) and I'm and also physically . I'm and use they/them. My posts will likely be: retoots, pics of my cats, complaining about doctors, various special interest things, and random thoughts. I also make art and always use .

Slight NSFW CW 

Wait. shit. I've got the immune system of a quarian. I'd probably get real sick from that.

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Slight NSFW CW 

Just realized that with how my skin works, if someone really marked me tf up w love bites they'd probably scar. This is... strangely thrilling.

Me, 5/6th out of the year:
I don't understand this "sexual" and "romantic" attraction you speak of

Me, 1/6 out of the year:
If I don't have a gf soon I will DIE

I love the fact that, no matter who I date or who dates me, the relationship is gay.

The power of the enby

long story short we ended up giving him a bunch of the crunchy treats.

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I gave the cats some of the new fancy wet food; kiki and shuri loved it, but silky didn't. After we picked everything up I found silky sniffing around the house -dejectedly wondering where his treaty food was.

dont you hate it when you find chips in your bag of air

My team in swsh is: a Pumpkaboo (Kabocha), a Nickit (Maple), a Frillish (Lotus), a Spritzee (Strawberry), a Litwick (Lily), and an Indeedee (Petunia). We are the pastel goth group.

I got pokemon shield and I now understand why everyone likes wooloo so much

Food (+) CW 

My mom made a special batch of baklava today for my b-day cake tomorrow. I had a piece just now to make sure my body doesn't react to it and it seems okay! I'm so happy, I love her baklava!

Food(+) CW 

Made a new recipe from a mish-mash of few different ones to try out on my b-day (it's chicken n squash soup). Will let yall know how it goes.

Me, walking to the bathroom & hearing crinkling on the table:
Eh, it's just Shuri.

Me, approximately 1 second later upon realizing that my mom's freshly made baklava is likely on the table:

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