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uploading this sheet @drolltergeist did for me & my special chubby bastard boi so I can pin it~

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selfie, crepy furry mask 

my partner's younger brother bought one of those creepy $60 furry masks and I uh

goddess seeing mortal husband naked.

I didn't think I could be so disappointed by the ending of Kamen Rider ZI-O and yet here I am

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"Here comes a meddlesome twink," a kamen rider story

I still really wish masto would let you change usernames. I might end up making a new account soon for a new handle :angery:

tore apart the roomba and realized I haven't cleaned his brushes for a while, so he was making weird noises

also his side brush got warped??? idk how or when, so I gotta replace that at some point or try to fix it with some hot water

guys... is it gay to annihilate? You're just treating as worthless, to vilify. 😔🤔

An online service where you can rent specifically protected rooms to spend the night of a full moon so your rampage is restricted and you don’t hurt your own furniture

It’s called WereBNB

I'm putting it on credit card and just paying it off next week actually lol

getting a tank top one so I can maybe... wear it to work when I'm ready

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we got paid today so im going to order myself a new binder since my old one is still lost... somewhere

I realize if I went to a convention now versus when I did years ago, I'd probably have more fun now lol

Mastodon is:

✅​ A microblogging site
✅​ A meet queer friends site
✅​ Polyamorous dating site
✅​ Job search site

I just looked at myself in the mirror at work and went "I'm going to be a really cute boy" to myself

getting some questions around to ask the dr about T stuff next week :bassboosted:

Delia just came in and went:
"A phrase for you, my love: Silken... Cruelty"

they know me so well

I gotta tighten up the joystick on my old n64 controller tomorrow

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