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fuk they put out another scorpion king movie????? time for @drolltergeist and I to watch it

I've had 0 time this week to get any work done on pathfinder for tomorrow

Picture of @Nyx from yesterday after we saw Detective Pikachu
(eye contact)

I have been watching hours of Khan academy and I still don't know how to shoot a recurve bow while riding a horse or divide the spoils of war among my loyal followers

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The first Pride was a riot.

Trans women of color started the fight for queer liberation fifty years ago.

Today, queer immigrants, people of color and sex workers still face police violence.

No cops at pride.


I'm watching my two musically inclined partners play the arcade version of Guitar Hero and its so good

Sam Gamgee is an anglicized version of the character's name. canonically, Tolkien says his name was actually Banazîr Galbasi, but wanted to capture the flavor of that name for those of us who, unfortunately, do not speak Westron.

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Who do I have to pay to make the bus I catch into the city for my work transfer on time? Because I have no idea wtf they do to consistently be 5 minutes late on the reg.

I need one of those fold out straws so I can get iced coffee without having to use plastic or one of those paper straws that I hate the taste of

I bring a metal one to work but it's cumbersome

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god I am not sleeping well at all. I woke up absolutely exhausted and checked my sleep stuff on my fitbit and I'm getting like.. maybe 6 really shoddy hours of sleep recently.

I need more than that tbh

I want to write a free, copyleft book about how to thrive on low income in the USA, because all the books on personal finance give advice like "don't buy a latte every day," instead of "first, get your staples at the food bank, and *then* any other food via food stamps."

I've been writing an outline, and I need more sources. What books and links can you tell me about that are like more the food stamp example? (And please retoot!)

Remember the 3D Pinball from Windows XP? It was actually an inferior re-make of a board in a pinball collection called Full Tilt Pinball developed by Maxis.

You can now download the superior version (higher res graphics and sound, music, better physics, smoother gameplay) for free, as it is now abandonware. And it works on Windows 10.

Gwyn came running out from under the bed covers when she heard me open the chip bag and I don't understand?????

binch what you think this is, kibble?

goddddd I should download dwarf fortress again sometime

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