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selfie, crepy furry mask 

"Snake... do you believe love can bloom in late stage capitalism?"

I just spent over an hour playing Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) [] and it's very... cute. cute and therapeutic and comforting. The music is good, the energy is good, idk.

it feels nice.

The bag they sent me with the kickstarter dice was ripped. I just... Please. Have mercy.

like two weeks ago my friend posted pictures of her dice, and I just noticed they look identical to my "limited edition" kraken boogeyman dice -- except her's are chessex and probably were a lot cheaper & likely better quality

Seriously, don't try to repair a CRT. 

when u argue with yr WoW cop guild about who gets the rare drop from the raid that's a lootbicker

I wish there was a way to convince spotify I don't like these playlists they keep offering me and that I've never listened to ever

this is for the intellects out there

hey remember that tweet saying megalovania and bloody stream both go "bababa ba ba ba ba baba ba" bc i compared it and its worse than i couldve imagined

Did you know you can’t use “beefstew” as a WiFi password?

It isn’t stroganoff.

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