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I'm getting layered up to catch the bus and I kind of dig this look. Too bad it's too cold or I'd leave the jackets open.
Also enjoy my one disdainful semi sneer one.
(selfie, ec)

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me at nine years old when i find a stick in the forest

Mmm, mmm, mmm. You'd better believe that today I was loudly homosexual.

asked the cat if she was mad at me and she bit my arm
ok sorry I didn't let you on my shoulder when I had a face mask on

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got our coffee grinder! the outside package is beat to hell, so I'm... just gonna wait to open it until after I finish breakfast

cat got her foot stuck in the blinds like a fucking asshole and I just watched her struggle for a good 10 seconds before it dawned on me she was stuck
thankfully didn't pull them down but

2 factor authentication to get access to this pussy sorry folk’s

it seems sacrilegious but... I might delete a bunch of music off of my computer. I've had a lot of it for 10+ years and don't care for it much anymore

In December 2017, I posted artwork of a "Heart Bro", an enemy unique to the "Mario the Juggler" Game & Watch. In October 2018, another was found on the Australian box. With a third picture found in the game's British manual (bottom right), I believe this to be the complete set.

i believe that
no no listen
i believe that if trotsky were alive today
no please keep reading
if trotsky were here today, he'd be bofad on the daily

and then when I search for any other non-fiction poly books, I get romance novels instead.

which is okay. it's cool and a genre I'm into, especially because one is a regency series (BUT IT'S THE 4TH BOOK AND ALL THEY HAVE!!!) but like... ugh.

yeah I'm putting effort into reading this book and I fucking... despise it. lol

Meet The Heavy came out 10 years ago today

Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

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