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selfie, crepy furry mask 

But I also know my asthmatic self shouldn't do it lol

It's so humid out but I kind of want to make the 20 minute walk to the coffee shop now that I'm done with work...

funny how old timey people used to say like

"morrow" instead of "morning"

and like "sooth" instead of "truth"

and "spirits of the forest" instead of "nonbinary people"

yooooo Dorian Electra's new album is out and it's exactly what I wanted :transchu:

my players trying to figure out how to phrase this genie wish is fun

If you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock

I put some coffee in the freezer to make an iced drink and forgot it was in there, so now there's just a cup full of frozen coffee in the kitchen

me as a GM putting together a very deadly fight that the players may or may not even engage in

welcome to meemu where our mascot is a calico cat and cats are associated with feminine things but surprise we are populated by trans men and trans masc folk

can't find good token art for the pathfinder gamet?

use a dark souls enemy

only the Spiderman game is arriving today, and the actual system is getting here tomorrow


Game maker friends, I know cryptic names are cool and all but if your release is just a zip file named "", which is only one single exe file (of course it's named oC11b72rv1.exe), there's less than zero chance I'll run it again when I find it in a backup 5 years later.

readme files, they're nice, pls make one

the cat keeps laying back against the door and thumping it against the closet door and spooking me

"I've done it!" I say, swirling a test tube. "Pure essence of reply guy!"

"Actually, I have a .3% sodium impurity. You'd know that if you were enlightened like me."

This feral tomato plant was growing out of a crack in the pavement next to the driveway of a grocery store. I imagine someone must have dropped a tomato with viable seeds on the way out and it took hold.


I'm kind of sad we didn't go to the big gay cook out but I am glad we made that walk

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