Lol ok
(screenshot of weight chart tracking gain and loss over the week)

I just remembered and keep thinking about how not fun the Kingmaker crpg game was instead of sleeping

I love making spicy / highly spiced red food. That's my speciality.
(food pic)

uploading this sheet @drolltergeist did for me & my special chubby bastard boi so I can pin it~

tfw you go onto an obviously anti-trans subreddit just to "see what it's like" out of morbid curiosity

The bag they sent me with the kickstarter dice was ripped. I just... Please. Have mercy.

she moved her food bowl and made a mess but seems to like it more so whateverrrrr

Ya boy made due and also used some eyeliner on his water line cuz fuck if
(selfie, eye contact)

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It's good!!! I didn't put enough salt in (put some in, got distracted, didn't want to add too much) but the texture is great

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Took my apart and cleaned up. Was too afraid to try to completely remove the LCD on my childhood one, so maybe I can get a cheap one somewhere to experiment on.
Not amazing, but it turns on so I'm glad I didn't ruin it!
(grungy GBC insides + gross qtips from cleaning)

Ya Boi had too much sugar and caffeine today already and it's only 1330
(selfie, eye contact)

Dragon egg, gargoyle, succubus, and Banshee in direct light
Anything else I post about these will be unlisted but they're not bad!!

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So my kraken dice arrived and they're not... Horrible. Not worth the wait or the $$, but not as bad as some people's dice they received. The paint quality is inconsistent, the numbers aren't centered, but they're polished at least. The gold & silver dice are non-events, they look like generic cheapo dice but whatever.

Tfw your Dorian Electra album shows up early and you find it on the doorstep
(eye contact)

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