The bag they sent me with the kickstarter dice was ripped. I just... Please. Have mercy.

like two weeks ago my friend posted pictures of her dice, and I just noticed they look identical to my "limited edition" kraken boogeyman dice -- except her's are chessex and probably were a lot cheaper & likely better quality

Dragon egg, gargoyle, succubus, and Banshee in direct light
Anything else I post about these will be unlisted but they're not bad!!

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So my kraken dice arrived and they're not... Horrible. Not worth the wait or the $$, but not as bad as some people's dice they received. The paint quality is inconsistent, the numbers aren't centered, but they're polished at least. The gold & silver dice are non-events, they look like generic cheapo dice but whatever.

Confirmed I need to get a real divider system in play and figure out how to house my weird vanity ones i don't use

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