players are finishing up this road trip section that has been going on for months, and can soon settle in on the main story soon. giving them a two week in game span of time to settle up loose ends before hand tho

Dragon egg, gargoyle, succubus, and Banshee in direct light
Anything else I post about these will be unlisted but they're not bad!!

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So my kraken dice arrived and they're not... Horrible. Not worth the wait or the $$, but not as bad as some people's dice they received. The paint quality is inconsistent, the numbers aren't centered, but they're polished at least. The gold & silver dice are non-events, they look like generic cheapo dice but whatever.

hot tips:

make a bard with an attitude problem and loose morals

make the bard make suspect choices for 'the greater good' and grows in influence

make the bard keep making suspect choices over the span of years as they try to make things right

make the bard realize they have to pay their moral debts eventually, but they're too self-assured to believe they could fail

congratz you got yourself a villain that'll be a huge pain for the PCs in every situation

finally got to re-hook the road trip back into the 'main' plot line a bit tonight. there are BIG machinations going on, if they like it or not

How I make an character:
Gay, probably twink leaning, sad boy who has some connection to the undead. Maybe a necromancer or undead himself.

Maybe evil???? At least neutral.

"Okay. You guys are safe locked up behind your hidden rock door in a Druid McDonalds"

Comprehend Languages is a lvl 1 spell
Crafting a scroll only requires CL 1 -- and I'm using scroll since it's a temporary tattoo:
base price = spell level Ă— caster level Ă— 25 gp

A language temporary tat is only 25gp. You could up the price by having specific components related to that cultural language, etc. But it makes it a pretty accessible thing for adventurers who don't have time/desire to learn lots of languages, but travel a lot

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Honestly the best choice I made for GMing where the PCs will be basically globe trotting was just implementing temporary tattoos that allow the user/wearer to understand one language for a week.
Magic tats are a thing in Pathfinder, so why not have a temporary one for Comprehend Languages and remove the obnoxious "but do you *speak language*?"
Anyway that's my hot tip of the day. temporary magic tattoos.

Confirmed I need to get a real divider system in play and figure out how to house my weird vanity ones i don't use

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I'm realizing I need some kind of divider system for the dice box... I can't bring myself to just dump all my sets in there without any semblance of control to it.

maybe I can get like, thin plywood style dividers I can tuck in there. I can't not have the ability to grab just one specific set without struggling to find a specific one.. even though i keep my "main" set in a bag with a coin rn, I need a system for when my other dice show up from kickstarter. this struggle is real

so like, I have 0 concept of wtf I'm doing but like, I really want to just have a more secluded space to talk about my dumb pathfinder stuff that really gets me going, ngl.

so get ready for that good good content
like vague world building posts that have nothing to do with anything within anyone's reference | |

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