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I saw a tall dude with the same Hamilton hoodie as I have, and the arms were also comically long on him so I guess they're just Like That

I love my very strong fiancee who moved a couch into the apartment today and is current;y napping

we're getting a couch from delia's parents so i just like... aggro vacuumed the area cuz it's too low to the ground for the roomba to go under.

fuk carpet

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vacuumed for the first time since we got the roomba and its a lot less cat hair/dust but still a lot.

yesterday I didn't feel as sick, but now it's all in my chest and I'm congested again and my head hurts

y :angery:

Golf is called that because that's the sound you make when one of the balls hits you right in the nards

all women born after 800 AD do is tempt, blaspheme, witchcraft, eat potent herbs to aid in their foul divinations, and lie

What's your favorite season? Mine is the fall of the bourgeoisie.

websites that make you sign up to apply for a job posting are the fucking devil

I can't find my binder and I was looking at getting two new ones but that's about $75 w/taxes+S&H and I can't

ya boy i sick and i beg for this congested haze to be over

concept: booty shorts with PARTICIPATION TROPHY printed on the butt

As I suspected, someone has been adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens.

"women and cis women" is the most glorious rhetorical reversal against TERFs I've ever seen

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