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Okay I made a goal on my page so you all can see how much is getting raised. I can post the bill once fixed to show you guys that I did put the money where I said it was.

In a nutshell I need my exhaust system replaced before my car can pass state inspection. It's expensive so I am turning to the net for help. I also appreciate and signal boosts, good vibes, and prayers.

Thank you all so much :')

Wowie I took a four hour depression nap.

I had therapy today and when I got home I just felt so damn tired so I snuggled up in bed with the cats and slept.

I'm awake now cause I need foodles.

looking for work, boosts okay 

Lol i scrape the bottom of my pockets for some quarters and buy a mocha but as soon as I get home with it I immedietly want to sleep XD


Okay I got a reg doctor's appointment on the 29th. Hopefully this time doc will refer me to places that actually take my insurance >(

Holy hell. I spent all day yesterday just sleeping. I woke up later for a few hours to eat and take my medicine.

I'm actually feeling somewhat better. Maybe I should just do nothing on sundays but sleep.

But now, I am going to nap and stay in bed.

A combo of interrupted sleep, stress, and weather makes me super tired. I've also been calling doctor's offices for the past three weeks with no luck so I made a regular doc appointment to beg for proper referrals. I need a spine doctor, pain doctor, psychiatrist, and a hearing doctor. Oof.

Everything outside is covered in ice and it just makes me want to hibernate for a thousand years lol.

My car is a little 2006 chevy cobalt. It has needed so many repairs to it from wear and tear that eventually it's going to be a ship of theseus paradox going on here.

It was my grandma's car that I inherited so it's a really special car to me. There will come a time where it won't be able to run anymore but I am very grateful for it. I hope I can get many years out of her before it needs repairs more expensive than a new car.

Thank you all so much! My car goal has been met. I can take care of the rest myself and Mel is chipping in too. I'll be able to have it inspected this month, I'm going to see if I can get it done this Friday.

Bless you all and thank you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. :,3

Also, to all who donated to my car fund.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

People love to crap on furries but I have never met a more generous and empathetic group of people. ever.

I am forever grateful to be part of this community :blobheartcat:

and: first comic page of 2020.

listen, it came out a lot more dom-y than i had really meant it to but at some point i just went 'fuck it if thats the energy happening here thats the energy happening here'

click thru... and see


look at these hiveminded little flying beings. they are an open species and relevent to plot stuff in the comic

Also Google, I really, REALLY don't give two fucks about some monarch couple having marriage problems. There's four major natural disasters happening at the same time and they aren't getting as much coverage as some goddamn 1 Percenters marriage. :andknuckles_2:

I really need to write something so when I'm home from therapy I'm going to write a bug article. The pros and cons of having pet bugs cause there are good and bad aspects. I just need to write something as fanfic writing makes me feel tires just thinking about it.

hey snouts some of you acted interested in my unusual taurs on tshirts, and the shop is having a 13$ per shirt sale, so check it out if youre actually serious??

Hello I'm awake for a little bit cause pinkie was yelling for wet food.

Rosie is very quiet, she just chirps politely when she wants something.

They both have their own pot of cat grass but pinkie wants both ;(

Why does everywhere need a goddamn referral I don't have time to wait a month to see the doc and then get a referral and wait another month.

This is why the appeal deadline is 60 days isn't it.

well, hershey is one of the best hospitals in the state and they have an audiology center there too so this might be my best bet.

I really really hope I don't have to drive all the fuckin' way to hershey for back and ear stuff. I keep calling local orthopedic doctors and i'm just asking for documentation and xrays and how to manage pain but i keep getting passed around.

I have no idea what kinda doctor to look for for this.

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