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Me: I should download some Xmas movies for Arlene for the computer I gave her.

Me *Looks in the Xmas download catagory.*

Me:....why the FUCK is Eyes Wide Shut in the Xmas section?????

HELLO FRIENDS i got a bunch of dental work done so now I don't have to be worried about getting abscesses and lying awake at night in anxiety. Still going to lie awake at night in anxiety but this time it WON'T be about teeth!!!!!

*Drone camera zooms in on Quirrel chilling on a bench*

Nerd 1: Hey is that an Isopod?
Nerd 2: What kind?
Nerd 1: What do you /mean/ what kind? A pillbug!
Nerd 2: There are around 10,000 species of mother fucking isopods! Can't you narrow it down?
Nerd 1: Well it's cute and has a little sword.
Nerd 2: an Armadillidiidae then.

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If I ever have the energy i'd love to write a Hollow Knight fanfic where an entomologist discovers Hallownest and proceeds to lose their shit.

It would be like the Nautilus crew where instead of deep sea its a little drone piloted down into a cave system or so.

I'm emailing snow removal folks in my town about quotes because we have a LOT of snow and my back cannot handle shoveling. Sooo hopefully i'll be able to afford it???

Artist Friend: Hey Keetah what would you like me to draw for you?

Me: *Thinks about the million characters I have*


I am peedle
my body long
i live in dirt
where i belong
but if u give me candy
id say no more
for i am only
a detritivore

arachnid/ vinegaroon 

i am vinegaroon
my booty big
i dont like sun
deep down i dig
but when ur mean
and give me chase
i raise my booty
i spray ur face


i am fuzzy spooder
my paws r soft
i live in ur trees
in in ur lofts
you only see me
wen i approach
cuz i jump rite out
i eat the roach

I am pillbug
my house is dirt
my friends are here
with them i flirt
if you would search
deep down beneath
you'd see me rolling
as i eat the leaf

I amm deep into Hollow Knight now especially since the game references real bug species and as I play and get murdered (it's hard weh) I often sit back and watch the bugs its' lovely.

Like Quirrel is a pillbug and now he's my favorite.

Well I got a date for my disability/ssi hearing and god i am nervous but i'll do my best

I haven't gotten Dio angry enough to scream or bark at me, so I take that as a sign that I'm not stressing him and things are okay. There are REALLY defensive pacman frogs and even tho Dio likes to throw tantrums here and there, he isn't frightened or scared by me.

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