Had first therapy app today. It was all paperwork and clarification. The look on that poor therapists face when I explained my home situation at least reassured me that I have another person in my corner.

I have the heater on to keep my bugs warm (if im cold then they are cold) and pinkie is snoozing next to me as I work and it's the little things like that that make life nice for a while.

goddamn i love me some speculative biology/technology thanks for listening to me ramble about how space furries could exist and how terribly you could die by not understanding what you are doing :D

Drop dead I mean XD

You want to fly? Well, give yourself hollow bones then. OOPS, SAID HOLLOW BONES BROKE cause you are a swole heavy human? Ded.

You wanna look like a rattlesnake, complete with venom and fangs? Opps you bit your tongue and now it's necrotic. Ded.

You can look like a dragon but you don't know how to groom scales so you contract a skin infection from lack of hygiene. Ded.

The techs beg you to use your brain before you ask for something extreme plz

Semi-furry type folks would exist in the Stellarmass universe, but you must be careful about how far you go. It might be neat to be a naga type snake, but becoming cold blooded has its own problems. You could look like a bipedal animal but you won't get the instincts of one. You'll still have your original species's brain.

People who want mods like this have to prove they won't take one step outside of the treatment center and not drop dead lol.

Treatments aren't nothing to scoff at either. You can either be given multiple injections of the treatment with time to recover in between, or, use the tube.

The tube is kinda like the Bacta tanks from star wars. You just chill in there and sleep till your treatment is done. Most people tend to go with this because fuck needles and it's comfy and warm in them. It's faster this way because your body can just devote fully to the treatment instead of worrying about being awake.

This is also to explain player characters. I know I say that a species may only be in some colors, but you know people are going to really want to make a bright blue Springer or a rainbow feathered Rerack.

SO now there's an in-universe canon explanation for such characters! So go ahead and make yourself some weird characters! The species guides are just the base specs. I ain't standing in the way of someone's bright pink Kalarian lol.

The community of people who radically alter their genetics and continue to push the limit are known as 'gene punks'. If you see a human walking around with a neon lemur tail, horns, bright pink hair, and scale patterns, they are a gene punk.

They aren't treated badly, but most of the reactions they get are 'oh god i hope you got an actual doctor to do that'.

It's pretty much the next generation of extreme body mods, but you can get kawaii cat ears and tails.

You cannot completely change your species. If you are non-flying and gave yourself wings, you most likely wouldn't be able to fly. Messing too much with your genome has the possibility of turning you into a puddle of organic soup, so you gottah be careful. To make sure dumbass people don't kill themselves, they started opening up official centers for such body mods to at LEAST make sure people get their wolfaboo ears and tails in a safe place with experienced staff.

This technology isn't patented and is willingly shared, as a collab between the humans, kalarians, and daemons. So it isn't all that hard for really smart folks to look up specks on the universal net and if they have the space, money, time, and equipment, can make their own gene therapy sequence.

However, this is kinda frowned upon as it's dangerous to tweak your genome without knowing what the hell you are doing. And there are limits at what you can do.

Gene punks have figured out ways to use this technology to do things like give themselves unnatural hair/skin/fur colors, give themselves tails or ears or wings or even genetically encoded 'tattoos' without the need for ink and needles.

Pretty much, being able to do things beyond what is medically and mentally standard in terms of treatment.

'gene punks' are a group of sapient people who have used gene manipulation to alter themselves beyond just curing a medical ailment.

In the stellarmass world, scientists have figured out gene therapy techniques that can 'turn off' faulty genes that cause things like Cystic Fibrosis. Then it was used to allow for non-surgical gender transitions and body modifications. They are very careful, as turning off one gene can turn on five more.

Going to be working on a new stellarmass 'species' (gene punks) and then atagi (ant/bee people) and ta'koth (bio-luminescent dubsteb people)

Hypatia is getting bigger too but she loves to hide in her den. I ain't going to tear her enclosure up to get her out of it, but I can look into one of the holes and see her daily. She accepts being tong fed crickets like a little princess.

It's insane how hard vinegaroons work on their dens. I half buried a grapevine wood branch to give her a base and she has dug tunnels all around it. She is just, happy in her hole XD

Spiders are fed! It's just...insane how big Metallica and Killer Queen are getting just with some good food and water. I haven't seen much of Harvest cause her species likes to hide as babies, but the food I give her keeps vanishing so I know she's eating them at least (pin head crickets)

I would say metallica is about the size of a dime with legs spread out, and Killer Queen around a quarter with legs spread out.

I need a headband with glowing spiders on it so i can sit and be visible as i hand out halloween candy.

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