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Hello friends!

I am running a 30% off sale from now until Halloween! Each order comes with freebies and seasonal treats!

🎃 Its the spooky scary sale! 🎃

Due to the support of my members, I can finally make this public after working on it for a year!

It is a to download ZIP, which includes

- 26 individual images
- a READ ME doc
- A PDF coloring book
- A PDF with an explanation of each animal featured

Download at

Tips very much appreciated!

Thank you all so much, ILU ❤️

When I mean snowed in I MEAN snowed in. Like the snow was deep enough to reach the roof. Tho I grew up in a trailer so it wasn't THAT high compared to other houses, it was still scary.

We had kerosene lanterns for light. All our food was stored up in advance. The pipes would freeze so mom would heat water up on the wood stove and we'd have wash cloth baths. We had to harvest fire wood and we melted snow for water.

I still get terribly anxious in winter :x

Hallo i am awake.

No matter how many times I see it, it always makes me jump when Hermit Purple snatches up her crickets. It's unreal how fast they can be!

It's been doing nothing but rain here for three days. It's a lot better than snow tho. People in this city freak out at flurries and rush the stores and buy up everything.

Meanwhile I remember being a kid being snowed into our trailer for two months straight with no electricity and -15 f weather. We only had a wood stove for warmth.

I dunno if I'll be able to manage writing any creepypasta's for the cook off this year. I dunno I just feel...tired. Perpetually tired and burnt out. If I had the means I'd put patreon on a break for a month and just do nothing but sleep XD

This is the wet food both Rosie and Pinkie are getting.

See Pinkie likes to lick the gravy off wet food but then never eats the meat parts, so this stuff is great because then she eats all of it.

I get a lot of different flavors so they can have something new every day. All the names are movie references XD

Luckily Rosie is taking her medicine just fine. I crushed up the pills and mixed it with her special HYDRATING PUREE' and she ate it all up and licked the bowl clean.

Thank god I won't have to pill her the traditional way. That's always a song and a dance and someone is leaving (usually you) covered in scratches.

Turns out that Rosie is allergic to fleas!

I stopped by the vet today to make an appointment, and luckily for me they had one available in 15 mins so I hauled ass back.

There's no actual fleas on her, but flea dirt, so the vet thinks that fleas might be jumping from the mice she catches and bite her. That's what's causing all the big scabs. So she got a 3 month topical flea drop and steroids she needs to take over the next week to heal up those awful scabs.

I'm starting to get incredibly annoyed by some folks, which means more paperwork cause therapist has me writing down the why and when I get anxious or I feel my temper bubbling under the surface.

Rational Keetah: People can't read your mind and not everyone has a mental illness and knows what its like to have one. They may just not understand what they are saying.


I like to think of cutifly/ribombee as like those gnats that get into your eyes and cause you to punch yourself in the face in and effort to make them stop going after your life juices, only for it to fly away unharmed after pummeling yourself for a while.

My dream poke team.

Kanto Meowth

One cat and five bugs, who grow up into big pals :3

Well...Ribombee doesn't look all that intimidating, but those fuckers take on dragons by themselves so don't judge books by their covers.

food, xmas, abuse 

food, xmas 

I really REALLY need a new and better phone. This one is very old and it's at the point where my normal apps are becoming too much for it and there's no room to update. The only apps I have now is Google drive, chrome, Tumblr, YouTube, Google maps, WhatsApp, dashlane, Gmail, and discord. It may get to a point where I have to choose one to delete. It'll probably have to be YouTube since I need the others to work.

Once I get some expendable scratch I'll see what I can do.

See Benny used to catch a lot of mice and then try to put live ones on my face while I slept at night.

I think Pinkie is too old to want to catch mice. She looks at me like 'fuck you give me my fancy puree' cat food'.

It's good exercise for Rosie to chase mice but I am honestly surprised she managed to somehow catch one.

Rosie caught a mouse and is refusing to give it to me so I guess i'll wait until she gets bored throwing it around and then toss it outside.

Jon (my other roommate) : Hey Keetah uhhhh, Dre (the ex) ended the Comcast service without transferring it to my name. Can I get the password to your wifi?


h e h the NEW LAYOUT and new comic page are LIVE

please check out the fruits of my six days in css hell & if you notice any weird errors lmk please!

I am awake I got therapy in bit.

Mostly Pinkie woke me up instead of my alarm because she needed her wet food RIGHT. NOW!!!

I got these hydrating purees cause it's really dry and even tho both cats drink water it's still good for them (and us) to be hydrated!


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