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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5184 7471 9811!

Hello i am having a pain flare up and I am not happy about it. Can't really walk or move today. I got my phone so I at least have company whilst in bed.

If you would like to donate to my fund for EMT/First Aid training so that I can

1. help as a street medic
2. assist COVID patients

here is a link to donate

let me know if you would like to donate via different means, and I will try to facilitate that

donations will go to formal training as well as equipment. if i exceed my goal, i will sponsor other people to get first aid/CPR certified

Also I got these whole freeze dried sardines for cats as a treat but both cats refuse to look at them. If anyone here has a cat that would like freeze dried sardines and won't mind an open package, let me know and I'll mail it over.

Both Rosie and Pinkie looked at me like I was trying to serve them garbage lol. I just thought the little fish would be good for their skin and coat but they wanna be picky.

I am in hella pain. I needed to go to the coin laundry after therapy and walked my Pokemon a bit and shopped a little. Now my back is killing me. I'm home and in bed and I will nap for a bit to let the pain killers kick in, and then I have to work and work hard.

I hate being in pain so much I can't even do errands without having to lie down after.


I worked there in my senior year of highschool since I was in level 4 graphic design. So I got graded on how well I did at the studio.

I don't think they were allowed to pay me but they fed me so I was happy about that.

Also getting to do classic had etching printmaking in college? Hells yes that was cool.

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Today I got to talk about print making to someone because I used to intern in a print studio in exchange for delicious foodles. I don't really talk about it much since it was only a year but I did learn a lot about printing art and just how horrible it is to get all the colors right lol.

I pretty much made greeting cards for a candy company all day.

ughuahughuhg pain.

No sir I don't like it.

I'm also out of pokeballs in PoGo and I don't feel well enough to go walk and im broke atm so we'll see if I feel okay tomorrow to visit pokestops.

Living in Pennsylvania be like.

Yesterday: Oh shit I have to raise the temp in the house the pets are too cold.

Today: Oh shit I have to lower the temp in the house the pets are too hot.

Reading the old G.I Joe comics and a lot of the comics boil down to 'well i criticized the army but they showed up and saved me, boy was I wrong about the United States Military!'

tarantula talk 

Also Pinkie Pie is very old, she's 12 and was born in this very house when my landlord adopted her pregnant mother.

She screams every morning for me to get up and give her some canned fancy feast and it better be either chicken or turkey or she'll swat you.

She sleeps directly on top of me most nights and will nibble at me to go to bed so she can do just that.

I love her.

Today is a work day but i may leave for just a little bit to go spin my daily pokestop.

cat pictures, askin for some spare $$$ 

I also caught a lot of shiny seedot today for community day so if you didn't get one i'll trade ya if we ever get to meet up irl.

trying to find an old anti-drug propaganda cartoon 

I've been having a fantastic time playing pokemon go but I can't help but feel self conscious every time I leave the house 😿

i can post my comic page public now yayy

please come see me flex on drawing hands and mirrors, two things im proud of doing

cw for alcohol?? and a protag feeling Sick

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