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Heya imma open 3 comm slots for art in this style! Single character is $25 and a detailed bg/extra character is +$10! DM to claim!
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story of the early Minecraft (2009) 

Back in 2009, at the dawn of Minecraft, I wrote the first-ever custom Minecraft server software, using a small proxy to reverse-engineer the simple and unencrypted networking format. Before that, there was only creative mode client hacks (noclip, fly, superspeed) and simplistic console wrappers ("if !kick appears in chat, send /kick to the server" kinda crap).

My custom server's initial features included the first custom world generation, anti-cheats (no flying! no superspeed! no standing inside solid blocks!), the ability for server mods to turn invisible (to "spectate" new players), red player names for admins, and the ability to save/load multiple maps on the fly, (hopefully) without disconnecting anyone.

Initially everyone was thrilled and I was heralded as the "Minecraft Hacking God", but when I planned to release the software publicly for free and open-source, the community forum moderator suddenly did a 180 and threatened to ban me, taking issue with the fact that users would be able to program their own minigames before the official survival multiplayer came out.

"You're stealing money from Notch", they claimed, thinking that a quick 'n dirty Counter-Strike style "Zombies" game mode would be somehow equivocal to the premium "official" mobs that would soon follow, which included zombies as a staple, and therefore nobody would have a reason to buy the full version of the game anymore.

So instead of releasing the software for free, publicly, on the Minecraft forums... I just left my email address and told everyone to send me $10 if they want it.

A few people eagerly bought it. They didn't know how to mod it, so they sent it to the first person they encountered who claimed to be able to program. Then those people, perhaps not realizing this was paid software, would run it themselves and also freely give it away to literally anyone who joins their server and asks.

Thus, it spread like wildfire, and I only made like 10 sales total, which I almost entirely re-invested buying the game for myself and a few friends.

This is the event that started the entire modding trend for Minecraft, in general. My original server software was succeeded by a Python script, and then eventually Bukkit.

Later, Notch hired the entire Bukkit dev team to form his "Mojang" company, when he finally decided to stop working as a solo developer. Then he made a cool 2 billion dollars selling the company.

I did the opposite of steal money from Notch. Fuck.

i did a icon trade with @calicohoney !! i had so much fun drawing kit!! Shes so cute and her colors are really fun!i love the pop of green!

me and my gf might have a place to live!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know of a reputable queer housing group in the bay area? Im trying to scope out the scene cause i might be moving in the next few months

Cyberpunk games you can play instead of the terrible one:
Diary of a Spaceport Janitor
Umurangi Generation
Neo Cab
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Anything by @silverspookgames

And lots, lots more in this thread:

i wanna play serious dnd with ppl. all my friends dont rlly get into the hardcore roleplay they just want to do goofy stuff

Alcohol ment 

Also im day drinking hot toddies


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