i made another book! no pics rn cause it needs to dry but this one is miniature! its to scale with my dolls!

Apparently snakess (female snake, cf. lioness) is a real word, and scalies are clearly massively underusing it. It also looks like “snakes” with the stereotypical snake lisp so that's even better.

i just finished binding a book made out of handmade paper! on the first page i dripped some water while making it so it has a hole in it but i made it work!

doll, eye contact 

i just bought a purple dragon centaur bjd!!!!!! im sooo excited to get them!!!! i have so many plans for their character aaaaaa!!! i cant wait!!!!!!

Do you sometimes wish there were a small cooking wiki where we could all add recipes? Collaborate on something almost all of us do: food preparation.
Well, if you're interested, I have a food wiki where I'm very slowly adding recipes of stuff I keep preparing.
I created it a while ago as a proof of concept because I was talking to @pinkprius and @wion about public recipe sites that are full of ads and trackers. I just never switched it off, so we can still use it.
If you do add recipes of yours, I'll make sure there's an easy option to download the entire wiki. 😆

hypno, sfw kink 

yesterday i watched maid hypnosis videos to help me get chores done lmao idk if it really helped but i dont mind listening to nice voices telling me to clean

Got some work done while listening to tonight's hearing: another impossible-to-photograph holographic dragon baby.


ishgard is cold, but you can keep warm with a nice fireplace and a nice chocoboconnie to snuggle with ::>

(gift from
@bupy that makes me smile so much my face hurts, I feel outrageously pretty here... kweh 💕)

Kinda wish I had animal ears on the top of my head, specifically so that I can get head pats and flatten them out in satisfaction.

People are posting about dragons? I think it’s great when they have big tits. Thank you for your time

i just saw the green knight!! really amazing movie

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