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By the way. Screw World of Warcraft, screw Blizzard Entertainment, and for that matter, screw Activision for (among many other things) associating with them. Feels nice to say these things unrepentantly for a change.

i hope someday the admin who runs the cross stitch pattern maker i've been using glances at their list of recent inputs to the site and comes across me using it for shitpost purposes. just a perfect little gem of "please be fucking normal" in among little old ladies making perfectly normal little cross stitch patterns

it's just gonna be like

-Brenda and Robert, Married June 16 2023
-Bless This Mess
-My Soul Will Rejoice With The Lord
-Tag Your Fucking Vore, It's Still A Kink You Filthy Animals
-Proud Grandma to Jason, Kevin, Annie, Sarah, and Throckmornton

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Alcohol boycott! Read if you drink beer 

The Molson company is locking its workers out of the brewery after rejecting their final demands. Do not buy Blue Moon, Carling, Killian's, Granville Island, Hamm's, Hop Valley, Leinenkugel's, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Molson, Urquell, Steel Reserve or Terrapin beers

Birdsite trends, sexuality, Mario Kart 

So, apparently it is an overwhelmingly common trend for bisexuals to primarily play Yoshi in Mario Kart.

I feel so incredibly seen right now.

According to Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics, I have mastered Riichi Mahjong. All I've learned is that you should really be prioritizing getting into Tenpai above all else. Any maneuver that brings you further away from Tenpai is a massive loss in tempo that will not pay off in points if someone else beats you to the payout. Especially given that you are often at the mercy of luck of the draw if your opponents manage to get into Tenpai first. Whatever it takes, get into Tenpai.

re: long post about commissions 

anyways if any artists have any hot tips on how to overcome or cope with this it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know any popular artists who do furry art commissions full time so its something I just gotta work out on my own

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Kids should get vacation days from school. Like, discretionary ones. Elementary school students should form unions and strike alongside teachers’ unions.

Pokémon, Gen I spoilers 

It still upsets me somewhat that they had the name "Giovanni" pull double-duty as a stereotypical mafia boss name *and* as a Gym Leader pun name. mod defends their decision to leave a white supremacist on the instance:


I think past-me would have his mind blown to know that Duke Nukem Forever is still a laughingstock even *after* it came out.

I think blocks, mutes, unfollows by other people is something we should really not try not to attach negative social connotations to.
These are all tools for shaping our personal experience and we should try not to let everyone shape their own timeline without it hurting our pride.
Someone can still be friends with you even if you post things they don't actively want on their timeline!

can you imagine if grocery stores decided to adopt this model lol

"i would like a can of green beans please, grocer!"

"well, i can sell you a can."

"does it have green beans in it?"

"green beans are on the loot table of possibilities, yes. here's the table that we're obligated to provide due to certain regulations in china, and as you can see, green beans is on there."

"...with a 1.5% chance???"

"well yes."

"and it's 45% chance for it to be mouldy beans that i hate?! that's the thing i have the greatest chance to get??"



"but it's also a 0.05% chance to get the rare and special golden green beans, which are new for this limited event!"

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it says a lot about the state of video games right now that i consider warframe to be one of the most ethically sound free-to-play experiences, because of the steadfast innovation of

asking me if i want to pay for a thing and me going "yes, i'll buy that thing i want please" and them going "okay! here's your thing you want!"

instead of like "well i can sell you a chance at the thing you want. you might get it at some point if you keep buying. here's a bunch of psychological tricks to make it seem really tempting also! don't you want to get that thing you want (by sinking a completely variable amount of cost into a random pull)"

Uprising against the rich TCG players by giving their deck the guillotine.

@extinct when there's somethin uncomfortable
in your neighbourhood
who ya gonna call?

love to block people who give off shitty vibes

blocking makes me feel good

This is obviously meant as a request to please not turn stuff like "I love girls" into "boys are gross" because boys are in fact very good but I couldn't think of an example that was a little less on-the-nose

All I could think of was "vim users stop calling emacs bad" but then people would think the post was about that

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Remember when I said that after Biden won everyone was going to pretend the border camps are fine becouse orange man gone.

you know whats really radical is holding your peers accountable instead of waiting for the shitposting instance to say something about it first, just my two cents

did Shadows Over Innistrad block come before or after Bloodborne

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