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By the way. Screw World of Warcraft, screw Blizzard Entertainment, and for that matter, screw Activision for (among many other things) associating with them. Feels nice to say these things unrepentantly for a change.


wanted to doodle rachel from shield cat. I think she's trying to find all the collectibles but is having a tough time with it

Friendly reminder that activated charcoal is an active detoxifier to anything that you take, and anyone taking medication, hrt, or supplements should avoid it entirely. Things it will disrupt include:
- hrt
- vitamins
- medication
- birth control
- dietary supplements
- painkillers
- antihistamines

“As consumer-citizens, we have been conditioned to believe that if our votes don’t matter, our donations will. And if our donations don’t do it, then we can simply call the manager or email political liaisons. Citizenship looks like leaving a Yelp review for the representative who was elected in your gerrymandered district. […] Citizen-consumers are ill equipped for the electoral politics we have […]; caring is all we seem able to do.” via

all the "turn off your phone and delete your cycle tracking apps" are good advice until you remember that modern cars are also snitching on you to the tune of about 25 gigs of data an hour

Just bought and played through Divination on a whim because it was $5 and my library was overwhelmingly action-y. First of all, woof, they're not kidding around with those CWs, but secondly, even for the price that was a profoundly unsatisfying experience. Cognitive dissonance is abundant and the "true" ending definitionally left many of the underlying conflicts unresolved. Frustrating, not what I needed, 2/5 game, not recommended.


Lol pls stop praising corporations bc they did quick math and figured out this was cheaper than maternity leave


the great scholar mike davis is going into palliative care today surrounded by family. he is one of the greatest writers on the modern capitalist world, its production, and a bridge between the old left and the new. and we must keep his undying optimism that we hold the answers to the future alive:

People tell you all the time: don't talk to the police. But why not?

Here's one reason you may not be aware of. In most American jurisdictions, once police have you in an interrogation room, they are free to lie to you if they believe it will help them produce a confession.

What kind of lies do they tell? Things like:

* "We have surveillance video of you committing the crime."

* "We have multiple eyewitnesses who saw you committing the crime."

* "We have a confession from the friend who was with you at the time, saying you talked them into helping you commit the crime."

Let's assume you are actually 100% innocent. Even if that's the case -- if you believe that the police have evidence that could convict you anyway, you are going to be under enormous pressure to confess, EVEN THOUGH YOU DID NOT DO IT. Your brain leaps to the thought that, if you're going to be convicted regardless, maybe confessing will at least get you some leniency.

So you confess, and the cops are happy. A confession nearly always leads to a conviction, and they just produced a confession out of thin air.

You just convicted yourself.

salty trans feelings 

my city mayor managed to include trans and nonbinary folks in his statement about abortion access but my university president seems to think it's just a women's issue, that's nice.

also love to just see the mainstream women's rights movements just absolutely willing to dump queer and trans folks under the bus immediately, and that us asking to be included gets met with defensiveness and hostility, like we're just the ballast holding them back.

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salty trans feelings 

look i'm very used to trans bodies, experiences, and needs being left out of big discussions about bodily autonomy and healthcare access but gosh is this tidal wave of cis-centric language fucking exhausting

i should just fucking log off so i don't see another "the future is female" sign held up by a white cis woman at a protest.

Just finished watching Everything Everywhere All at Once. Definitely a movie that warrants a rewatch at some point.

What can I do? So many things 

@Aradia is also my goto to find numbers to call. They provide sample scripts and even help with coaching you through making the call for those of us who have phone anxiety.

What can I do? So many things 

So if you're thinking "what can I possibly do right now", good news, there are answers:
1) When you earn those dollars, send some of them over to who will get them to the places they need to go.
2) Check in with your local clinic which has, or may no longer support, reproductive services and ask what the heck they need. Type in "local women's health clinic" into Duckduckgo or similar search engine to find it.
3) Tell your congresscritter what's up
4) Most important, meet up with other folks in your area interested in providing services to clinics across the country. It may be hard in your area so check in with your local DSA or Food Not Bombs group and ask who's organizing help in your area.
You have actionable things you can do! It takes time and it's always hard to start new projects, but you can do it!

us pol 

This all is wholly unsurprising but still deeply harrowing honestly. But the part that probably stings the most, is that most of the people I can vent to about it reply "we'll get them next election" or "I'll just move to canada/back to mexico" like. Has that worked for you? Does letting people who need reproductive rights, and queer people, just fall under the bus work for preserving another day of peace for you?

it makes my soul so incredibly tired that blue state liberals and leftists are still defaulting to taunting those stuck in red states.

it shows when you aren't looking for justice and are only looking to swap one oppressor with another- namely, yourself

Probably the craziest picture I’ve ever taken. This was after a weird storm on a summer evening, and I sped up the road to a Schnucks parking lot to get this rainbow. I don’t think I’ll ever top this.

Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure
We’re happy you’re here to learn more about digital security & abortion!

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