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By the way. Screw World of Warcraft, screw Blizzard Entertainment, and for that matter, screw Activision for (among many other things) associating with them. Feels nice to say these things unrepentantly for a change.

non-binary HRT, looking for resources, boosts welcome 

Does anyone have good resources for folks who are interested in HRT but seeking a middle ground rather than a full transition to being perceived as the opposite binary gender? Located in Washington state if you have anything regionally specific.

There are a few ideas that one is right about as a child and as an adult, but overcorrect to a wrong idea at some point in-between. Some examples include, but are far from limited to, "police officers get to do basically whatever they want," and "Marche is the hero of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance."

asking for help/$ 

Hello, due to some sudden fees in trying to get my name change done, I'm down a few hundred and could use help some help in getting by. 💙

I also wanted to give a deep thank you to everyone who has supported me. My healing had been steady, i've been seeing significant results, and I can't possibly think of how to express how thankful i am for the support of this community 💙

someone was generating facial recognition disrupting face mask designs on redbubble. they were generated using a program this person had written or tweaked and one version was hexagons or pentagons (maybe nested, not only tesselated) but there were more in the works. I cannot. find them, does anyone know the thing I am talking about.

The thing about Mouth Dreams is that it frontloads all of the worst tracks so that it generally trends better as it goes on (though IMO it peaks at Aammoorree).

If I was in an isekai the first thing I'd do is determine if I was in a novel, IRL, or a game. Hopefully one of the big tells would show up quickly: if you ever find yourself approaching a copse, then it's definitely a novel. Or if you ever need a sluice key, it's a videogame

fascist: ahh, the greeks and the romans, a very image of the austere patriarchal values that underlie western c

the greeks and the romans:

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

This random rooster kept showing up in my yard today, so I set up the most Wile E Coyote-ass trap to get rid of him

i just realized someone told me "leave my partner alone if your problem is with me" after i blocked their partner

what do they think blocking does

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Educational video about genital anatomy 

Sexplanations is so good and I love that Lindsey is redoing old videos to make them more inclusive and gender neutral

I am learning a lot from this video about vulvas and vaginas

She uses non-gendered language and talks about anatomical diversity!

video game industry abuse, really bad (CW; suicide, sexual abuse, harassment, misogyny) 

The state of California has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, for a fucking litany of sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination of women in their workplaces, and a case of sexual abuse so bad, one of their female employees committed suicide on a business trip.

stop using "master/slave" to describe your software relationships. instead, try alternatives like "dominant/submissive"

I was reminded about the tale of the guy who made an unsecured printer print out a page claiming it was self aware

radness levels are 69% and rising

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

plus size rec 

if you got some chonky thighs and want thigh high socks, *highly* recommend Thunda Thighs socks. they are genuinely the comfiest socks i ever wore and they are SO BIG and COZY and they do go allllll the way up my thighs. so good.

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