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By the way. Screw World of Warcraft, screw Blizzard Entertainment, and for that matter, screw Activision for (among many other things) associating with them. Feels nice to say these things unrepentantly for a change.

TIL PaRappa the Rapper predates Dance Dance Revolution.


My body is crumbling and I ended up wobbling to the floor today trying to make breakfast. Holding myself up and lifting things is an immense struggle.

If you can spare us some money, I just need to get food that I don't need to cook because I can't right now.

Thank you.

The blockchain is when you talk about crypto and I block you and everybody who interacts with you

The Fantasy Strike Discord loves joking about the "Supply-Side Jesus" and that feels pertinent to discussion happening today.

nfts reflect an inherently colonial mindset, imo

I haven't seen it talked about much, but it seems these tech bros think they've cracked open some wild new frontier and they're all racing to plant flags in it asap, nevermind the cost and fuck anyone who gets in the way

but where you can at least argue that land has natural resources etc etc, there's nothing in nft-space, it's just empty, no content. So they have to generate 'value' in it as quickly as possible by creating shitty art and half-baked video game ideas, and paper-thin product concepts, so they have something to sell

it is quite something to see

Church, evangelizing, queerness 

I went to this FAQueer thing yesterday, so like people were asking questions about queer stuff. And one of the questions was how to find a supportive religious community as a queer person

And some people who don't have much experience with church were like "just ask the pastors if they are accepting of gay people!" And like I know they meant well but noooo don't do that

If you ever want a straight answer about a church don't ask the pastor

its just that if you reject everything in the bible that goes against capitalist hegemony, all you're left with is a funky diet, pigs rolling on hills and weird towers and pillars of various materials.

how can one claim to follow yeshua "camel through the eye of a needle" "cannot serve two lords" "marketkiller" ben yosef and support capitalism. how do they do this

"unskilled labor" is a lie invented by bosses. All labor requires skill. All workers have skill.

Workers: I don't want to work for low wages during a pandemic for shitty bosses with poor leadership skills to serve overly entitled customers who won't even do me the courtesy of wearing a fucking mask

Bosses: We don't want to pay our workers more or hire new people because our business model is based around skeleton crews full of minimum wage workers in order to be viable

Dozens of articles every day: What's behind the worker shortage? Is the social safety net too generous?

day one of the John Deere strike, a non-union salaried worker crashed a tractor on the factory floor. It's goin real good.

These front office people are doing factory floor work for 12 hours, 6 days a week. That's the plan anyway. 🙄

Fire Emblem Cipher players: "Ah yes, the four genders: Male, Female, Gold Knight, and Kingdom of Valla."

Ever just sit back and think about how somebody calculated the apparently obscene amounts of energy Ryu generates during a tornado kick or whatever?

Ads don’t “help keep this app/site/video free.” The purpose of an ad is to trick you into buying something. You’re still paying, you’re just paying someone else and you’re doing it after a delay.

fun police state news 

so if you fly a drone and police see it they can remotely ID it and then request your personal information from the FAA so they can ruin your fucking life

@InternetEh listen here mack, not all femboys are catgirls and I don't got time to waste telling you why.

@witchfynder_finder extremely powerful answer. I wish he didn't treat like 17 year old environmental activists with the same level of dismissiveness

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