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I really dislike Joe Biden, but I've never forgotten when some dipshit asked him how many genders there are and he gave the perfect answer. He said "at least three" and when asked to name them, he said "don't play games with me, kid."

"Corporate America wants to frame this as a “labor shortage.” Wrong. What’s really going on is more accurately described as a living-wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a childcare shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a healthcare shortage."

Took me longer than I would like to admit to realize people weren't talking about Splatoon when they were mentioning "Squid Game".

call for refunds re: aid request for a friend, boosts welcome 

so there was a change of plans and petra is canceling the gofundme. it's still moving but i think it's gonna do something cheaper

if whoever donated reaches out with their receipt, petra will refund them:

thanks for all the boosts earlier


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In addition to Kelloggs workers striking, John Deere workers are now also striking!! They gave the CEO an over 100% raise (went from 6 mil to 15.6mil) and were only offering 6% raises while eliminating pensions to workers.

I know most of us are apartment dwellers, but they sell branded merch and small tools too, so.

"Pundits and governments just might have given Russia too much credit, he says, when a whole system of manipulating people's perception and psychology was engineered and operated from within the US."

aid request for a friend, boosts welcome 

my partner petra is moving across the country soon and needs help to cover the expenses - any amount helps, boosts here and RTs on birdsite are also really appreciated


Boogeyman games are bad and I am tired of everybody else pretending they are not. Socially deduce *that*.

Deltarune Ch.2 spoilers, [that guy] 

So was anybody else disappointed by Spamton's whole, everything? Maybe it's because I didn't get around to playing until as late as I did and the internet was overhyping him all to heck, but I didn't see what the [big shot] was.

Was it really just that his theme had lyrics in it, and that he was the extra boss of the chapter? Like, I've seen people online call him *relateable* and, I dunno about you, but I'm not about to relate to some malware-peddling telemarketer. I dunno. Maybe this really is just a case of Seinfeld is Unfunny happening to me.

. . . [Kramer]

Quite possibly the most hilarious bit of cruel irony is how Beck's song about him being a loser was his greatest success

corp America doesn't know what it's doing.

at my current job I was hired at the same guy who would ignore phone calls to watch porn at work. no we are not remote. no this wasn't a one time incident. I've worked tech support all my adult life but corp America values me at about the same value as someone who does no work and just watches adult material all day on his work computer.

Deltarune spoilers that I can finally fully participate in 

Proposal to follow video game convention and start referring to "SOUL-less Kris" as "Skrix".

If you have the opportunity and means, you can donate to help out striking Kellogg's workers here in Memphis

you can be a wizard if you're a girl or a witch if you're a boy. or any other gender. don't let people tell you they're gendered terms. you're a WIZARD if you know what you're doing and you're a WITCH if you throw shit in a pot because a rhyme told you to

. . . okay, but viewing the world through heterochromic shades has *got* to be headache-inducing, right?

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