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introduction, eye contact 

AOS y'all!

I’m Laz, an aerospace engineer in LA who pretends to be a lizard or shark online.

I’m a big polyam-queer who loves talking to folks about science, co-hosting a science webcast on YouTube, building rockets in my garage, backpacking, camping, climbing tall mountains, overlanding my Jeep, nice shoes, and nice mohawks.

Always happy to chat with folks so hit me up!

Telegram: @/ROCKETLAZ
Discord: ROCKETLAZ#1765

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YT space show 

Today’s spaceshow is set! Catch you at 0000 UTC / 2000 EDT / 1700 PDT

my YT, last rocket launch for a while 

The time has finally come. It's the last of my classic rocket launches, and it's a real doozy. NROL-35, put into orbit on a potent Atlas V 541. Not only is it a beautiful nighttime launch into scattered low clouds, it's also got some kick: four solid strap-on motors. Sounds like it's ripping existence itself apart:

My YT channel, let's have a livestream tomorrow! 

Tomorrow's a holiday for me, and it's been almost six months since the last one, so why not go ahead and do an AMAA livestream? Chuck in a Monaco GP and Indy 500 focus? See you all tomorrow at 1600UTC / 1300 EDT / 0900 PDT:

my YT channel, finally a video-focused old rocket launch 

In 2014 I finally settled on stepping away from photographing rocket launches to capturing them via video/audio. The first launch I did this at was DMSP19 on an Atlas V. It wasn't half bad, so enjoy the raw launch audio and video I nabbed that day:

my YT channel, yep another rocket launch but a big one 

What's it like to witness history? It was only the sixth flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9, the first v1.1, and the first attempt to see if you could land an orbital class rocket...back in 2013. Enjoy this classic rocket launch with photos I took included in real-time.

live space show in 20 min! 

Standby for TMRO, broadcast to begin in T-20 minutes. Join us here:

Lots to talk about! Starliner returning. Artemis I's SLS returning to the pad. InSight is probably about to die. Starlink Starlink Starlink! Join us!

YT channel, another dang rocket launch 

There's no beast quite like the Delta IV Heavy. In 2013 I got to watch one lob a spy satellite into orbit during NROL-65. It's another classic rocket launch, this one enhanced with good audio, and the addition of the photos I was taking in real-time.

YT channel, geez another rocket launch with photos 

Another classic rocket launch video from me. I stuck a GoPro on my DSLR to capture what it looks like to do some photography of a rocket back during the launch of Landsat 8 in 2013. I added the photos into the video in real-time relative to when they were taken, so you get to see the full sequence. Pretty neat!

re: YT channel, another rocket launch 

When will these rocket videos end? [June]

I promise our life is a lot more than just rocket launches...sort of.

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YT channel, another rocket launch 

Continuing my archive of launches: the first night launch I ever attended was for Sumoi-NPP on a Delta II in 2011. It was a crisp, fall evening at Vandenberg with unbelievably clear conditions. You can watch the video and photo sequence I took here:

YT channel, more rocket launches I've been to! 

As a continuation of my uploading classic launch vids enjoy me showing off what it was like to go to 2011's launch of Aquarius/ the fog Vandenberg is so well known for:

my YT channel, visiting JPL in 2011 

Reaching back into my archives to find interesting things to put on my YouTube channel: back in 2011 I got to participate in what was known as a "NASA Tweetup" at @NASAJPL. It was a load of fun, and we got to see @MarsCuriosity just before it shipped.

I've made a terrible mistake: It's 0009 and I've put on an album I wanted to listen to through my nightly pre-sleep routine and it's turned out to be an absolutely fucking banger so I want to stay up and finish it, but I really want to go to sleep as well.

Tonight’s total lunar eclipse is extremely dark. This is definitely the darkest lunar eclipse I have ever seen, and my oldest coworkers are describing it as the second darkest lunar eclipse they’ve seen. These photos expose the Moon too much.

All set up at SpaceWork2 to view tonight’s total lunar eclipse! All you need to do is go outside and look at the Moon. If you can’t view it tonight, we’ll be streaming our telescope views live in just under an hour:

There was a launch from Vandenberg yesterday, noted for its fog, and of course the one Friday I’ve been at work in months, guess what the launch weather is…

Remember, kids: Talk to your fellow employees about how much you're paid. No employer has your best interests at heart. They need your labor to continue doing business, and they want to pay as little as they possibly can for it.

That puts you, the workers, in the position of power. Remember that too.


YT channel stuff, ADVNTR episode live tomorrow 

A reminder: tomorrow at 1700 UTC / 1300 EDT / 1000 PDT another vid from the archives - ADVNTR #5 sees you join me in the early years of spaceflight social media at the 2011 JPL Tweetup. What was it like before folks like SpaceX were a household name? Quite different, that's for sure. Set your reminders to watch, I'll be there to chat and comment live!

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