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introduction, eye contact 

AOS y'all!

I’m Laz, an aerospace engineer in LA who pretends to be a lizard or shark online.

I’m a big polyam-queer who loves talking to folks about science, co-hosting a science webcast on YouTube, building rockets in my garage, backpacking, camping, climbing tall mountains, overlanding my Jeep, nice shoes, and nice mohawks.

Always happy to chat with folks so hit me up!

Telegram: @/ROCKETLAZ
Discord: ROCKETLAZ#1765

[art by @/RAMIREZOID on twitter]

I was thinking last night about how long ago we gathered around a fire to tell stories about our world and those far away from our own, and now in modern times we still gather around a fire, but we use that fire to start those stories about our world and those far away from our own.

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As tiring as it is, there's a real catharsis for me watching a ton of exotic metals hurled away from Earth permanently atop a fuel tank feeding a barely controlled fire below.

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Yesterday was 20-hours of work for an adrenaline-soaked 10 minutes.

eye contact, me 

A really cool photography friend of mine showed up at the same spot and grabbed some snaps of me looking mildly competent doin' my thing getting ready to film the launch.

photo of me a newspaper's launch coverage 

A newspaper in the town where the launches here on the West Coast happen snapped a shot of me doing my thing

Launch yesterday! YT video 

I was at the launch of Sentinel-6 yesterday! A SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted the ESA/NASA ocean monitoring sat into orbit, and Stage 1 returned to land back at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the first daytime landing at Vandy without fog blocking the view.

I shot this with a Canon DSLR attached to my 710mm StellarVue SV105 Doublet Apo refracting telescope, and the audio is from my Zoom H4N 4-channel recorder, all of this was about 15km from the launch pad. Watch it on YouTube so you can see the annotations I added to it in real-time:

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re: today's NASA/SpaceX Crew-1 launch, EC 

Crew-1's Crew.

L-R: Walker, Glover, Hopkins, Noguchi

Michael Hopkins was recently transferred to the US Space Force, so he will be the first USSF member to fly and will have his officer swear-in ceremony while on orbit, although for this mission he is still flying in an official capacity for NASA.

Victor Glover will be the first African-American member of a long-duration expedition on the International Space Station.

Shannon Walker will be the first woman to fly aboard a commercial spacecraft, and in April she will take over command of Expedition 65, making her the third woman to command an ISS Expedition.

Soichi Noguchi will become the first international astronaut to ride in a commercial vehicle, and he will also become the third human to fly to space in three different vehicles once Crew Dragon Resilience launches with him aboard. Soichi previously flew aboard the Space Shuttle for STS-114 in 2005, and Soyuz TMA-17 in 2009.

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today's NASA/SpaceX Crew-1 launch 

NASA and SpaceX will be launching Crew-1 today, the first operational flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon.

If you wanna watch the stream is already live but we're about an hour till walkout, two hours till astronaut ingress, and four hours till launch:

Onboard today:
Commander Michael Hopkins
Pilot Victor Glover
Mission Specialist 1 Soichi Noguchi
Mission Specialist 2 Shannon Walker

Launch time: 4:27:17PM PST
Weather currently 50% GO

us pol 

Under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever should you call (888) 503-3526 and let them know that Seymour Butz is looking for Hugh Jass.

I repeat: Under absolutely no circumstances whatsosever should you call (888) 503-3526 and let them know that Seymour Butz is looking for Hugh Jass.


*resets the “Days since Laz has electrocuted himself” counter to “0”*

Bummed that I won't be handing out candy and letting folks look through my telescope, but alas, extremely good reasons for not doing so.

introduction, my own YouTube channel 

I also have a channel of my own that I really need to get back to doing things for. A weekly astronomy news show called "It's All Up There!", a sitdown chat show with friends where we talk about anything called "STS [Shootin' the Shit]", a raw dump of videos dedicated to all the cool trips and neat events I get to be a part of called "ADVNTR", and a little editorial one just called "HEAD".

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introduction, eye contact, YouTube space show 

If you're interested in the show about spaceflight I do, it's called TMRO [pronounced "Tomorrow"], and we cover the entire world, not just NASA. I produce, write, and host the weekly "TMRO:News" world roundup, and we're going to have long live shows where we interview very cool people returning soon!

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running stuff, working out 

Need a camping trip soon. Need to get away from civilization and completely disconnect for a few days sometime before this hellyear ends so I can have one absolutely purely unquestionable good thing happen.

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running stuff, working out 

Last week I was back running again after a very long time away and was thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

Then earlier this week Orange County caught on fire and it rained ash for several days, so now I’ve got to restart my training regiment next week. Frustrated by that, but I’m happy that I felt good when running and working out, was worried with some recent “age” pains I’ve been having.

SpaceWork2, selfie, ec 

A few days ago I got to physically go in to SpaceWork2 for the first time in 7 months and gosh do I miss it.

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