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AOS y'all!

I’m Laz, an aerospace engineer in LA who pretends to be a lizard or shark online.

I’m a big polyam-queer who loves talking to folks about science, co-hosting a science webcast on YouTube, building rockets in my garage, backpacking, camping, climbing tall mountains, overlanding my Jeep, nice shoes, and nice mohawks.

Always happy to chat with folks so hit me up!

Telegram: @/ROCKETLAZ
Discord: ROCKETLAZ#1765

[art by @/RAMIREZOID on twitter]

I just so happened to be starting my first vacation proper in years on Thursday, so I was in a really good position to have a place to clear my mind, and be around people who mean a lot to me, and people who care for me.

I had an amazing weekend with folks I deeply care about in a place I enjoy quite like no other.

I don't really feel bad about the rejection. If anything I feel very like "first day of a new era", don't know how to describe it but I just feel perfectly fine about not getting it.

Again, thank you all who sent me good vibes and kept in touch with me about this. It was amazing having a company actually interested in me. It's given me a confidence I had lost some time over the past half-a-decade. I'm excited to see where this new self-motivation leads me, it's been a long long time since I've felt this good about myself.

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Last Thursday I got my official rejection from Virgin Orbit, a classic "You were amazing but we went with someone else" email.

I've got a wide-range of emotions about it. I'm sad I didn’t get it, pissed it took three months for them to reject me, unable to comprehend what I lacked, but also tremendously relieved both that this is finally over, and that I don’t have to worry about this glaring red flag of how they treat employees, having taken months to get back to, hanging over my head.

Starting off this year with some new music I've never heard before and now I'm gonna dive into everything they've ever made.

"The Alchemist " by Faex Optim -

The JWST Team has elected to take today off to get some rest [extremely well-deserved], and will begin sunshield tensioning tomorrow. Tensioning of all of the sunshield layers will take about two days.

Good morning, and a happy new year to you all! However your 2021 was, I hope 2022 is full of your wildest dreams becoming real.

Ringing in 2022 with a 12-hour stream starting in a few hours 

Today I'm going to be doing a 12-hour SuperLiveStream to end 2021 and ring in 2022! Join me and quite a few friends for some seriously big laughs and delightful good times with you as our honored guest! Starts at 2100 UTC / 1600 EST / 1300 PST

health +- 

A new med has entered the ring [my body]: Everyone please welcome our new friend propranolol. They're here to help with the increase in anxiety I've had over the last few months, and also help with essential tremors in my hands that another med is giving me as a side effect.

"Well, those are definitely side effects from some meds, so here are some other meds to combat that."

I absolutely love having weird brain juices, it rocks, I'm going to enjoy now taking 23 pills a day lol

one hour till my live Ask Me Anything stream tonight 

We are now one hour out from my live Ask Me Almost Anything stream tonight! No questions are out of line, all subjects are on the table and expect plenty of science, F1, and hilarity to ensue tonight. Say “Hello Laz!” and I’ll see you there!

gonna do a live ask me almost anything stream in 4 hours 

If you're looking for a distraction this evening then you should join me at 0400 UTC / 2300 EST / 2000 PST and come hangout live with me on my YouTube channel. You never know what will happen, but one thing that absolutely will happen is geeking out about science and hilarity that may leave you a wheezing mess. Be there and say "Hi Laz!"

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So about 18 hours after I woke up at 0500 with body aches and chills like when I caught COVID, and it took the better part of the day to fade away, with fatigue taking a day longer.

This is not to discourage you from going to get your booster when the time comes! Go get it!

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selfie, ec, health+ 

Got my COVID booster. A little tired so far, but nothing like the hit the second shot gave me.

selfie, ec, dog, vet+ 

At the vet with Missy because she is very itchy.

space show in 10 min 

We're coming up on this week's live space show episode! If you need something to give you a breather today, get your mind elsewhere, we're going to be talking about cool space stuff because a lot of cool space stuff happened this week.

live show about space in an hourish 

ahem we're 57 minutes away from tonight's space live show ahem

possible new job +~ 

Got contacted earlier this week about the writing prompt, received it on Wednesday, got it in overnight about 11 hours before it was due yesterday.

I feel like I did everything as good as I could have, aimed for exactly everything they wanted of me.

Now I'm just doing what I've been doing for about six weeks now: hurry up and wait.


So if you've got any good vibes to spare, please send them my way.

space show 

About to go live in just a little over 20min, come join us as we nerd out about spaceflight!

possible new job++ 

The interview today went as well as it could have. All involved both talked in detail about how they were impressed with me, and also about how much fun they think it'd be to have me on their team.

No timeline on when I'm finding out about this, and in fact I still have a writing prompt that they never sent me to email them about tomorrow.

Alas, today was good, I gave it my all, they seemed to love it.

Now comes the hardest part: waiting.

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