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introduction, eye contact 

AOS y'all!

I’m Laz, an aerospace engineer in LA who pretends to be a lizard or shark online.

I’m a big polyam-queer who loves talking to folks about science, co-hosting a science webcast on YouTube, building rockets in my garage, backpacking, camping, climbing tall mountains, overlanding my Jeep, nice shoes, and nice mohawks.

Always happy to chat with folks so hit me up!

Telegram: @/ROCKETLAZ
Discord: ROCKETLAZ#1765

[art by @/RAMIREZOID on twitter]

going to the dentist 

About to head into the dentist, which is one of only two things I can think of that makes me genuinely nervous.

Rocket launch on console? Cool as a cucumber. On a trail about three foot widths across covered in ice with a 3,000ft drop on one side? Piece of cake.

Sitting down in a dentists chair and getting ready for them to do whatever? FUCK ME SIDEWAYS I'M SWEATIN'.

I hope you all are having a nice day and I hope you all have a nice weekend.

self promotion, YouTube, live AMAA tomorrow 

Since I slept through my alarms last week which delayed my AMAA stream by a week, let's try it again: see you at 1800UTC / 1400EDT / 1100PDT tomorrow. Have some good questions ready to go! The filters are off and it's going to be entirely raw:

Rockets, spaceflight, my decade in aerospace so far, astronomy, being on a successful science show, Formula 1, baseball, music, writing, life advice, beer, nice shoes, being a furry, climbing mountains, my mental health battles, perfecting the mohawk haircut - ask away about anything live tomorrow!

doing a AMAA livestream on Sunday 

Just want to remind everyone this Sunday, May 16th, at 1800UTC / 1400EDT / 1100 PDT, I’ll be having an Ask Me Almost Anything stream! Feel free to jump in, say hello, and pry into me with questions that are like crowbars:

self-promotion, my YouTube stuffs 

Hey! My YouTube channel is officially back firing on all cylinders! The return begins with a β€œShootin’ the $#!&”, STS-2 with my best friend, Blake Calvert. We discuss everything from the pandemic, to our best movie-going experiences, Disneyland, Dogecoin, and Russian mystics:

self promotion, the final remastered rocket video lol 

My final remaster of an old rocket video of mine: the launch of SAOCOM 1A on a Falcon 9, the first RTLS at Vandenberg. Stick around for that delicious triple sonic boom action.

self-promo, yet another rocket vid lol 

Here's another remastered rocket video! This time focusing on the interaction of the exhaust plumes from a Falcon 9's Stage 2 as Stage 1 turns and fires its engines to begin the processes of a successful landing back in 2017. That nebula is hot plasma as the exhaust gases mix and glow excitedly.

youtube self-promotion 

Just as a heads up for all of you interested: this Sunday, May 9th, @ 1800UTC [1400EDT, 1100EDT] I'll be having an ! Tune in live to ask anything you want, nothing is too taboo, lol. Coming expecting a few surprises, you don't want to miss it!

more rocket videos I shot 

Oh yeah, I've been uploading remastered versions of my old rocket videos, with the audio cleaned up and enhanced, check them out:

WorldView4 on a simple Atlas V 401 in 2016:

NROL-79 on a single-stick Atlas V 401 in 2017:

NROL-42 on a fast loud, and bright Atlas V 541 at night in 2017:

Iridium-3 on a Falcon 9 at night, including a view of the exhaust plumes of Stage 1 and Stage 2 interacting as Stage 1 heads to a successful landing:

Sentinel-6 just last November 2020, the whole flight the Falcon 9's Stage 1 booster, from liftoff to separation, return burn, entry burn, landing burn, and touchdown:

Had to let someone into my garage to hookup some power for work they're doing on my house and for a few seconds their eyes locked onto the spot in my garage where all the high-power rockets I've built are stored lmao

re: rocket vid, self-promotion 

I'm almost done scripting the return-to-flight episode of my astronomy news show "It's All Up There!", and at some point in the next few days I'll be shooting an "STS" episode. My channel is back in full swing, so make sure to subscribe:

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rocket vid, self-promotion 

For those in need of quenching their rocketry thirst, I'm going through my older vids and reprocessing the video and audio to improve them. Here's the first: WorldView4 on an Atlas V from back in 2016.

Yesterday I got to be 7 miles away from NROL-82 riding a Delta IV Heavy to space. I forgot to bring a critical piece of equipment so my video isn't great, even when stabilized, but audio is what matters to me, and it was great:

COVID vacc 

I got Pfizer presents: The Vaccine Part 2 on Saturday and it laid my ass out yesterday. Had muscle aches and fatigue, but let me tell ya having had COVID it was nowhere near as bad as COVID was. I knew it was probably going to drop me out so I cleared out anything for work till Wednesday.

So I had a slow start today, a bit of fatigue, but I'm up and firing on all cylinders now!

So if you're getting Pfizer, that second shot is probably going to be a bit of a day after, so be prepared for that.

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