today's NASA/SpaceX Crew-1 launch 

NASA and SpaceX will be launching Crew-1 today, the first operational flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon.

If you wanna watch the stream is already live but we're about an hour till walkout, two hours till astronaut ingress, and four hours till launch:

Onboard today:
Commander Michael Hopkins
Pilot Victor Glover
Mission Specialist 1 Soichi Noguchi
Mission Specialist 2 Shannon Walker

Launch time: 4:27:17PM PST
Weather currently 50% GO


re: today's NASA/SpaceX Crew-1 launch, EC 

Crew-1's Crew.

L-R: Walker, Glover, Hopkins, Noguchi

Michael Hopkins was recently transferred to the US Space Force, so he will be the first USSF member to fly and will have his officer swear-in ceremony while on orbit, although for this mission he is still flying in an official capacity for NASA.

Victor Glover will be the first African-American member of a long-duration expedition on the International Space Station.

Shannon Walker will be the first woman to fly aboard a commercial spacecraft, and in April she will take over command of Expedition 65, making her the third woman to command an ISS Expedition.

Soichi Noguchi will become the first international astronaut to ride in a commercial vehicle, and he will also become the third human to fly to space in three different vehicles once Crew Dragon Resilience launches with him aboard. Soichi previously flew aboard the Space Shuttle for STS-114 in 2005, and Soyuz TMA-17 in 2009.

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