JPL released images today that were taken by Ingenuity, the helicopter that the Perseverance rover brought along to Mars.

They had it fly directly over where the backshell and parachute of the Entry-Descent-Landing system impacted the martian surface.

Even with that big parachute, it still smacked into the surface at somewhere around 480km/h [300mph].

This is absolutely amazing to see: actual, spent hardware on another planet, and I imagine we're going to get some good engineering we've never had before out of this as well.

@ROCKETLAZ That's pretty awesome.

I wonder if we'll ever get a similar picture of the old Soviet Vega probes on the surface of Venus.

@kadin I would absolutely love to see how those landers have stood up to decades of 850F+, and also see if a definitive diagnosis of why certain instruments failed can be found. Probably would be one of the toughest engineering challenge missions attempted.

@ROCKETLAZ It says something about how depressing the wprld is, and how overwhelming modern culture is, that I completely forgot yhere is a functional drone on mars taking pictures. This is the first I've seen from it since it's initial test.

@compthink To be entirely honest, space exploration, as a whole, is not the best at sharing and public engagement.

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