New My Hero Academia season!!! πŸ’•

Indigenous people's day, Houma LA!

Ofc the one pic I took of my banner that I hung up for the event didn't actually get saved, I'll have to find pics from someone else hopefully bleh

Seeking an upkept indigenous server! Anyone got any suggestions? Indigedon has been down for a while.

So a fun thing I've been doing to amuse myself is slowly clearing our place's front garden area to plant what I want in it, and slowly moving the plants from it to my back neighbor's front garden when she's away, so that she comes back and her very dead, unkempt garden slowly has an additional flower plant in it each time lmao

Oooooohhhh I'm so excited about finally getting my native seeds in from the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers!! :D

Can't wait to GROW :amaze:

:possum_rawr: :yell:

So mad 

Yayayayayayayyyyyyy got confirmed for an herbal class in the city! Gonna be taking it with my friend! :D Indigenous herbal power!

Meanwhile, my own herbal cabinet is really coming along nicely <3 reusing all sorts of containers and researching into stuff and YEA I'm excited.

I really gotta finish sewing up my other shulush... >< Rock Your Mocs week is coming up after all πŸ‘€βœŠπŸ½

My work week: ow. Really, past couple weeks : really ow

Probably shouldn't have spent money but I was so so happy to support my fellow nerds... Just got back from a little local library comic con, got some awesome black nerd comics from, check em out!


Feeling really good about my street medic kit and knowledge! Helped a dude on the street who cut his arm pretty bad, everyone else was just either watching him or passing him by. Yes, he was drunk, but he's human, come on... He had a trail of blood behind him and he couldn't stand COME ON

@naboohnu I'm having issues with my Indigedon acct on my mast app, wondering what's up with it? Nothing will load. Thank you!

And alternatively is there another indigenous server someone can recommend?

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