@naboohnu I'm having issues with my Indigedon acct on my mast app, wondering what's up with it? Nothing will load. Thank you!

And alternatively is there another indigenous server someone can recommend?

Is Indigedon server down?? I can't access much or find any info

Get me out of this Christmas glitter hellholeeeee (I'm sorting decorations for work to prep for the holiday season. I swear the glitter is /everywhere./)

Swapped herbs in my bruise balm that's sun stewing! Just a couple more weeks and then I get to finish making my first salve! :D Next up - swapping herbs in my bug repellant!

Yesterday mom and I went to a relative's house to learn palmetto basket weaving with a bunch of lil kiddos and parents! It was so wholesome... This is a style our people created called the Houma half hitch!

Probably the yuppiest thing about me is how much I'm willing to spend on a gd fresh smoothie.

the responses to this disaster, from the wealthy capitalizing on poor PoC and stealing their homes to market to the wealthy, to the direct action and mutual aid responses of communities for their own that set some great precedents.


14 years ago today, Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Excited to watch Cannon Busters today *w*

Love getting some tap water from a restaurant and it's just... Indicative of the water in the area as a whole.

There was so much chlorine in that water I felt like I was drinking pool water ><

Waterworld the musical was sure.... Charming. Let's go with artistically charming XD it was sure a DIY parody lmao

Main character's name in the show was just Kevin Costner hahaha Kevin Costner is a mutant! Get him!

I found the production (same company) from 2 years ago on YouTube, enjoy


The audience are encourage to participate by "seating" in the pool, though dry seating outside the pool is available

Excited for tonight!! Seeing Waterworld the musical!
Written and directed by WWOZ’s Danielle Small, the 2019 edition of WaterWorld, the Musical is a hilarious live interactive theater experience, swimming pool-based musical adapted from the 1995 post-apocalyptic cult favorite/flop movie Waterworld and features synchronized swimming, a lot of post-apocalyptic drama, along with projections and music by local artist Ratty Scurvics.

Couple shots of the native room in the Southdown Plantation in Houma, Louisiana. Was great going through pics and being like oh that's Mr. Roy, that's my aunt, that's my uncle, that's a family friend that made all these, etc etc XD

*rolls into this corner of the internet* owo?

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