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trans joke but for halloween 

I'm trans because my mom couldn't find the pink Power Ranger Halloween costume for me and instead got the blue one

A pair of docs is a couple of peers
A pair of docks is a couple of piers
A paradox is a couple of contradicting axioms listen I really wanted to find a way to get it to fit the format but sometimes life doesn't work out that way

“Piracy is not a victimless crime” you’re right, it hurts billionaires, which is why you should do it

we should, as a society, develop a custom to go "bla bla bla bla bla" and cover our eyes whenever we encounter an advertisement

re: animal gross 2 

they keep hanging out on the heating brick and pooping all over it
cmon ya'll

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animal gross 

i forgot to buy a turkey baster to use to quickly siphon up their poop because they are poop machines

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ftm experience seeing old pics (might be dysphoric to some) 

me, seeing an old picture of myself from 3 years ago: fuck i was stacked

fishtank stuff 

so im getting back into fish and I bought a boujie tank with a compartmentalized filter system so it's just a black box aaaaaand I kind of hate it now??

the lid is flush, so there are gaps on the one side so you can open it, which tbh I wish was just a hold in the middle, so things like snails wouldn't be able to immediately peace out

same thing, had 3 cherry shrimp..they all got up onto the filter box and either trapped themselves under the lid and died, or the biggest one managed to wiggle himself out along the filter box and got out and... died.

really wish I had just gotten a basic bitch tank with a HOB filter but oh well

my barber is switching locations and I immediately booked an appointment with him at his new place and I guess I'm barber loyal now

I haven't written earnestly in months and have knocked out about 4K words today??

Delia & I did a blacksmithing date night, each made a steel rose and god it was fun

we're both exhausted and sore but it was so fun!!!!

lyrics from All Dolled Up 

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
I don’t wanna be a boy, I don’t wanna be a girl
Breaking the rules as I sway and swirl
Shining like a diamond in glitter and pearl
Let’s go out on the town
Light a fire, burn it down

I don’t care what we do
I wanna get All Dolled Up with you
Take my lipstick, put it on
We’ll all be making out ‘til the break of dawn
I don’t care what we do
I wanna get All Dolled Up with you

The lights in the city got nothing on me
With your gold dust eyes and your love so free
Your red hot leather boots make me shake
Sparks are gonna fly with every step we take
Let’s cast spells, let’s chant rhymes
Let’s be gay, let’s do crimes

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