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we've put house hunting on hold for another year cuz of our lease coming up again, but I am really looking forward to eventually having more options for garden stuff.

tbh that's one thing I miss about the country is just having the space to throw down a hay bale and shove plants in it, or just rip up a huge section of land and plant whatever

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Having these succulents has been a strange boon to my mental health. It's something I can't really rush but I can see the changes, and so far everything is doing really well for the most part.

I won't lose them all anyway because they're the first plant I ever got to prop and I have a few small ones growing and already okay size... Plus more like this lil dude

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Beheaded the last two really tall alpenglow now that the previous one has rooted and I won't lose them all if they die lol

get you a girl who, if you falter in the deep places below the earth, will grab you by the throat and whisper that you needn't fear the dark, because you are with her, and she is what the dark is afraid of

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

replacing the word "process" with "princess" from now on

Princess Explorer
Princess Monitor
Princess Hacker
and last (but not least)
Princess of Elimination

I got this from work for Xmas and it was already mad etiolated, but now it's under a grow light more and it's turned a lovely pink / purple... But it also has stupid air roots cuz how tall it is.
The roots are hot pink tho so whatever I guess
(picture of plant roots that look a little bit veiny)

They arrived! Gave them a good soak and some light to help revive them from their week in a box

Found a little watering can at the thrift store for my succulents, and I tried my usual "polish up old tarnished metal" and only parts of it did and honestly... I kind of love it.
Once it dries off a bit more I'm goi g to gorilla glue the edge that came up of the lid back down as well

it just reached INDIANAPOLIS??? tf it was doing for almost 4 days

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