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Hi everyone, I just opened my shop!!

To celebrate I made a 2022 calendar with my mushroom art, that you can print or use as wallpaper, available for free until the end of the month~~ (donations appreciated <3)

RToots to help me spread the word, thank you
#mastoart #shop #artist

Made a new batch of snello (snail jello) for Marzipan and Fondant... And invested in cute heart molds for consistency I sizing, obvi

my betta fish is so fucking rude, he's lying on the one mystery snail (Marzipan) while the snail is eating and keeps trying to take the PLANT BASED food from said snail

calm down dude you just ate

#focus : a point in which the rays of light meet, after being reflected or refrcted, and at which the image is formed

- French: foyer

- German: der Fokus

- Italian: fuoco

- Portuguese: foco

- Spanish: foco


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reusable menstruation supply discount link :boost_ok: 

Want $10 off for your first order with Aisle (formerly LunaPads)? Size inclusive, rebranded to be trans-affirming.

Follow the link below and you'll have to enter your email (I don't think you have to sign up for further emails). It only works if you haven't ordered from them before.

This would give me $10 off, too. I could really use more period undies but don't have a big budget due to no income.

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The animators didn't have to design adorable pajamas for this dude but they did anyway

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