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My own body? In this economy? Hell no, a bunch of us share

oral sex doesn't count 🤝 dental care isn't covered
not realizing the mouth is part of the human body

frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years

Stuff at the grocery store it's impossible not to slap
✅ Those big bags of rice
✅ Watermelon
✅ Punkins

I got us two small glass bottles with the cork-like swing tops, and now I try to make myself an iced coffee or tea, and Delia and iced tea every day

I ordered some mango black tea and apple black tea, because apparently the mango tastes just like a better quality of snapple so...

someone called Voodle made this really sick case for their megagrrl desktop. files are on thingiverse

here's a pic of theirs, i am printing one too

Bad game idea of the day: A game about summoning eldritch horror entities, but it's based on the process of coaxing a cat. You spend ages meticulously crafting a summoning circle to appeal to their interests, and when they finally incarnate, half the time they inhabit one of your cardboard boxes instead.

The more I read the Gray Business Suits For Pride flyer, the better it gets.

I got a couple haworthia to take to work so I can have some of my plants in the office... they should be ok with the low light setting as long as I move them to the window periodically for Real Light from the morning/evening

Forget masculine and feminine gender talk, let's just use pokemon types from now on.
What are you?
I'm fairy ghost, and sometimes electric!!

fellatio 🤝 Good qualifications
being able to advance your career

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