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my one month on T is today. happy new year, me.

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Intro Post Redux 

had a dream I found and adopted two dogs and they were fuckin delightful and so friendly

Guys is it gay to apologize? You're really making an apology or defence. 😔🤔

My attempts to get folks to gender me correctly have met with Mx. Success.

when you want to be nice to your former partner, know that you can always have food delivered right up to their doorstep 

you, a fool: you don't hate mondays, you hate ~capitalism~

me, wise: actually i can hate more than one thing at a time due to my Enormous Brain

even with the update, idk if I really care to play ACNH anymore??? I got so burnt out and left it alone for like a month and idk

Thank you @powderpaint for my new favourite song (a polyamorous love song, you love to see it!)

The A in LGBTQIA+ stands for asexuality

Allies do not get to inject themselves into a marginalized demographic for virtue signaling purposes. Replacing the ace representation with "allies" is quite possibly the most backhanded action a so called ally could take

threader update:

I found it, used it for a bit, and then promptly dropped it in the crates that my PC sits on to keep it up off the carpet... so now I have to move a bunch of shit to get it back
crafting is hell

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I set down my needle threader and idk where it went lmao
i try to put it down in my bag with the thread and stuff but I forget and just set it somewhere and then it's just like... poof

current events 

talked about going into float tanks w/coworker and then it became "omg we should do that" so maybe one day I'll finally get to give that a try

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