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Intro Post Redux 

Hi my name is Salem and I remade my account so I get to do a new post.

I'm 30, masc, polyamorous, and queer. I'm into , collecting, (), and own a fat cat named Gwyndolin ().

Kid: "Mom, I gave you an invisible birthday present."
Me: "Thank you, I've never seen anything like it."

The tingly, underrated, trust-fueled intimacy of someone else doing one's makeup.


I've baked something like every week and I was like "ugh not gonna bother this time"
and then immediately made oatmeal raisin cookies. they're in the fridge firming up a bit before I scoop and bake them.

FELLAS, is it gay to lubricate? I mean you're literally facilitating or making easier. 🤔🤔

I almost dumped cumin instead of pumpkin pie spice into this cheesecake mix and that really just sums up my life doesn't it lmao

I've been at this new job a month now which means I'm starting to relax and expose myself as the lowkey aggro weirdo I am

Hello! Pronoun and wearable art pins made entirely by me are up and ready for purchase. Please remember all of these are 100% hand drawn. Every single one. I am one disabled person doing my best, so sometimes lines aren't perfect but I do my best to sand off sharp edges and give you all the silly customizations your heart desires.

You can buy these from my etsy (link below)

however, if you don't like etsy (and listen, I get why) you can also purchase these from me directly here, we'll work out whats best for our transaction. Okay? Cool. Thanks for the boosts and for supporting a queer, indigenous artist 🎉

✨ Etsy:

another picture I'm proud of! Kenny having a stroll with her nose in a book, just the way people were meant to get around!

also the clean lineart because i'm REALLY proud of how it turned out.

For whom does the hotline bling? It blings for thee

"honourifics based on respect don't make sense" said the speaker of a language where titles reveal marital status but only for women

I finished this drawing today and I'm exceptionally pleased with how the perspective turned out.

It does make me realize how much I miss having access to a real piano, though...

windows trying to get me to buy office360 when I still have perfectly good 2010 office keys that I'm using makes me mad every time

I ain't happy, I'm in a bag
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless. I'm in a bag
The future, is in a bag, it's in a bag, it's in a bag

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