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i hate every1 in this 🚌 including myself

the cat has decided she's allowed to scratch stuff ever since we got the couch, and me loudly going "IM GOING TO KILL YOU" when I heard her scratching is probably not a good look for me

The funny thing is that there are absolutely ppl who will want to see your dickpic but you sent it to someone who didn't so now you're cancelled dummy

imagine being one of the sorry bitches who taste coriander all soapy

I'll have to wait longer; wont be able to go in until January sometime buttttt that gives me time to stash extra $$

time to wash my face and put a face mask on before work cuz that's something I should do more often tbh

I can't wait to see how impossibly expensive this tattoo will be tbh :hhHHHAAAH:

Scully cures Skinner of baaaad memories. Mulder accidentally flirts with ghost dads.

I made this and decided not to use it, so if anyone wants a background, here you go.

sent an email to a tattoo artist, did a mean plan, shopping list, bought a few holiday gifts, and added upcoming payments in our budget and it feels p good for today with getting stuff done

I have no idea where to even start looking for someone to commission a tattoo though. I wanna support either someone trans or furry, cuz I trust both to draw cats and skulls

I keep waning a piercing but like... I'm mulling over instead trying to find someone to commission for a cat skull tattoo design with some fuckin' hozier lyrics (from "In A Week") because I'm just like that

sappy relationship feelings 

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