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Tech Tip: When you're scolding Markdown for formatting your text incorrectly, call it by its full name, Marcus Jason Downward, so it knows it's in real trouble this time.

Pandemic history 

A UCLA librarian has built a remarkable collection of century-old letters, diaries, and photographs from the 1918 pandemic.

I'm also debating on putting the linen sheets on finally considering how fuckin hot it was the past couple of nights, but I *hate* having to hang dry them tbqh...

but now I have outside space for it?? so idk

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ugh have to do a ton of laundry today mostly because all of the 'big stuff' rotation (couch cover, pillows, etc) have aligned with regular laundry

this was just a warmup / coloring test, but i think it came out really nice...

another day of logging on to find the tl completely incomprehensible to my tiny damaged little brain

went out, did some weedwhacking, now I'm eating grapes while waiting for my right wrist to stop hurting to do more lol

Our CSA pickups starts in two weeks!!!!! I'm v excited to support local farms again

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