Me: you got some gay vibes coming from you man.

Him: no, I'm as straight as an arrow.

Me: well then, I'm as curved as a bow

Me: I'm too bored to post right now.

Me leaving:

Other me: get yo ass back in there

Other me pushing me back in:


Other me:

Me: n0

Should I continue learning the rest of Japanese or Korean? I really can't decide. 😅​

Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while and had to share it here.

Me at 2am: "I'm thirsty"

A ghost that exists only to drink lemonade at 2am: "You horny?"


Also me: 'whatthefuckijustwantedacupofwaterimnothornyfucknowaitamihornyiwonderamireallynoimthirstyineedwatermythroatisdrywhyisthereaghostinmykitchenat2am'

Me: "No,"

Me and my deadass crusty throat: "I just want some water."

Ghost taking a sip of lemonade: "Oh okay."

Me walking casually to the sink to get water from my filter:

Me walking back: "CANYOUFUCKINLEAV-"

Me: is here to offer you soft pittie smiles for today

Can someone please explain why this shit is kinda funny: | |

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