Me: You got some gay vibes coming from you man.

Him: No, I'm as straight as an arrow.

Me: Well then, I'm as curVed as a bow.

Me: I'm too bored to post right now.

Me leaving:

Other me: get yo ass back in there

Other me pushing me back in:


Other me:

Me: n0

Should I continue learning the rest of Japanese or Korean? I really can't decide. 😅​

anyway the “nice cock jason” tiktok is playing in my head at all times on repeat indefinitely

Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while and had to share it here.

Pool playtime
by the way if you didn't already notice by now this dog has a dick.

Me at 2am: "I'm thirsty"

A ghost that exists only to drink lemonade at 2am: "You horny?"


Also me: 'whatthefuckijustwantedacupofwaterimnothornyfucknowaitamihornyiwonderamireallynoimthirstyineedwatermythroatisdrywhyisthereaghostinmykitchenat2am'

Me: "No,"

Me and my deadass crusty throat: "I just want some water."

Ghost taking a sip of lemonade: "Oh okay."

Me walking casually to the sink to get water from my filter:

Me walking back: "CANYOUFUCKINLEAV-"

Here's my avatar. Her name's Blu.

She's wearing a gatorade shirt.

A drawing I recently finished.

Inner me: i could of drawn better if i wasn't using a computer mouse to draw.

Inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter.'

Always Remember: i'm childish.

(I actually forgot i drew this and had to redownload it from my google drive, then it turned out to be in bad quality, and i'm too lazy to fix it so here you go.)

🐹​: 'Is this the finest type of cardboard, or brown sheet paper?'

🐹​: 'I cannot tell.'

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