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had a great birthday! my social battery's been running low so I spread it out over the weekend, hanging out in small groups. I didn't get to see everyone I would have liked, but I'm super grateful for everyone I got to spend time with

now it's @FuzzyProxy's birthday and I'm gonna go eat a burger about it, then spend at least a couple days taking a break from anything socially taxing because hooooboy it's been a week

a good week, but really really exhausting

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Instance admins, I highly recommend blocking These folks are basically one step removed from kiwifarm stalkers.

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you have been touched by the thirsty armadillo

awoo gently to let its power enter your soul

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Please help me welcome @catgoat and their instance to our network!

Let's give them a warm welcoming awoo!


CW hypothetical mouse death Show more

they're brazen little fuckers too, I keep seeing them running across the floor and on top of the stove in the middle of the day while I'm right there in the next room

the bait just sits there while more and more mouse shit appears all over the counter. we've been trying not to leave any crumbs so idk what the hell's going on. between the shit and the traps, the kitchen is basically unusable

the traps bother me more tbh, I've started having dreams where I have to feel around the counter in the dark and it's just totally covered in traps

we've had mice for weeks and it fucking sucks, I'm about to go buy 50 cans of spaghettios and burn the kitchen down

we've had no problem trapping the little shits in the past but these ones are just impossible to catch?? we've had about 8 traps with increasingly enticing bait all over the counter for like a week and haven't caught a single one, which is unprecedented. it's really really wearing me down

@uliekmattkips me and my 8 entire posts are feeling this

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so yeah, I'm gonna be for now, we'll see how that goes. no idea what I'll do with this account in the meantime. for now, big sleep

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my friend made an instance at so I'm gonna be trying that out, but so far getting instances to play nice with each other is a little annoying? users of other instances appear to have no avatar/posts/follows at first

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oh wait I can just boost them

gonna hang onto my account just in case but I think for now I'm gonna chill here on my bud @catgoat's instance! better hurry up and crosspost my 3 toots