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introduction (selfie ec) 

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sorry that a lot of my posts for at least the next 2 months are going to be "top surgery +++ [show more]" but you know how it is

moving (+, ~, -, survivor's guilt, ?) 

moving (+, ~, -, survivor's guilt, ?) 

moving (+, ~, -, survivor's guilt, ?) 

hi, I'm still here, just busy and anxious with moving!

fma spoilers 

remembering how it took me and @catgoat several years and two or three full watches of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood to realize that the reason the one guy is variously called Führer Bradley, King Bradley and Führer King Bradley is because King is his name. his literal first name!

@Jonas a box of cetirizine I got a while back said something like "för behandling av allergisk snuva" and ever since then I'm convinced that the swedish chef from the muppets is a documentary

i got my glasses in the mail today as well as treats from @Jonas and @Sig <333 aww i miss my pals!!!

I've washed the excess salt from my body and am back to being VERY excited about


I'm not even vegan it's just so fucking annoying

I'm almost done I swear 

escalating salt, uspol - 

salty about it - 

tired of the way people treat my vegan friends tbh

unhelpful mental habits 

unhelpful mental habits 

++? +++??? 

This is only my second visit to Helsinki not counting the airport and oh my god, it’s just gloriously beautiful here in the summer

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