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introduction (selfie ec) 

I guess it's finally time. I'm Sig! I'm a 32-year-old trans guy (he/him) from the Boston area, currently living in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, with my spouse @Jonas, two cats, a boa and a bunch of plants.

Right now I spend most of my time learning Finnish, taking care of my pets, gardening, baking, bicycling, and enjoying nature. I also draw, but that's been kinda on and off lately. I've also been known to play a vidja game but don't tell anyone.

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sorry that a lot of my posts for at least the next 2 months are going to be "top surgery +++ [show more]" but you know how it is

Hello Uusimaa we are in u

(Just barely and not for long)

re: juhannus, alc 

AND there's a new tuomari nurmio so basically I'm prkl

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juhannus, alc 

it's juhannus, every chore I wanted to get done this week is done, garden is tended, time to sip

more metroid babbling 

my problem with metroid prime 3 was that there are so many PEOPLE in it

you have to work with *other bounty hunters*! the galactic federation is actually involved, not just a vague offscreen presence with no role except hiring samus to do the thing before the game even starts

they're called the "galactic federation" ffs, synonymous with "who cares, they're just here to kick off the plot"

one of my favorite things about metroid is how lonely it is! the best ones like super and prime really convey the lonely spooky feeling of being the only sentient person on an alien world. for a long long time samus got basically no overt character development, but you just knew (before they made it explicit in fusion) that she's doing the exact job she wants, that she LIKES being isolated on lonely planets, isolated in her suit, rarely speaking to anyone ever.

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it's been 19 YEARS are you KIDDING me. I was 16 when I played fusion!! I'm 34 now!!!!

there have been metroids prime since then but I got so disappointed with where that series went. prime 1 is one of my favorite games of all time; 2 is alright; I never finished 3

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oh a bibeo game news happened that I actually care about

probable asd mood 

*washes whole head in the sink because I don't quite need a whole shower but the greasy texture is bothering me, puts on a clean cotton shirt of a texture I prefer, puts on clean socks & crocs (yes, shut up) so I don't get any unpleasant floor sensations as I shuffle back over to the couch, spreads preferred blanket on couch because the couch fabric doesn't feel nice, puts lotion on hands because the dry feeling from washing my head is giving me the willies, and finally settles in for a quiet hour in a dim room with two idle games and a fan blowing mildly* what, me spectrum?

re: garden 

only got 1 apple tree because we already have one that's compatible with it, which itself somehow manages to get pollinated by something in the neighborhood.

the cherry is supposedly self-pollinating, but would benefit from having a buddy, which I might get at some point

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planted so far this season: one apple tree, one cherry tree, 5 raspberries, 3 hazelnuts. the hazelnuts were a pain to find and I'm glad I managed to; they're native here* but seemingly not too common in cultivation.

I also finally cleaned up the 10 or so currant bushes that were in a real sorry state. the previous owners, who lived here 15 years, must have been even more antisocial than us because the only currant that looks like it's been cared for in at least that long (and in fact looks quite good) is the one that's least visible to any neighbors.

the rest range from "pretty meager" to "almost nothing" now that the tangled masses of dead branches are gone (and mulched and returned to them), but what's left is healthy and flowering. I think a couple years of care and mulching will fix these guys right up

*in fact they're the ONLY tree nut that grows in Finland and their Finnish name just means "nut bush"

hops are dioecious and, like cannabis, only female flowers are useful. naturally, this one is male

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time for another season of peeling the vines of an out-of-control hop plant off of a belligerent rose bush that does not want my help

death of a hero 

after all those years of living in fear
I stopped worrying about the bomb and the other shoe dropping
after all those years worried for my life
I started to enjoy myself

started to enjoy myself and the only ones who have suffered from it
are the creditors and the landlords
and you know what? fuck them

if they want an apology they can have it
for any inconvenience I might have caused
but the butterflies in my stomach have flown up through my throat
and learned to love the open air, the open air

sorry guys, sit down and have a drink but I'm not sorry

RIP jack terricloth

already planted out/growing: garlic (sown last fall), peas, broad beans

sown: onions, radishes, carrots, turnips, green lettuce, red lettuce, arugula, cabbages, red kuri squash, pumpkin

to sow: tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, rutabagas, tatsoi, beetroot

already sown a month ago and may not be any good for planting out because it’s still too cold at night and they’re stuck inside becoming Strange: more red kuri squash and pumpkin (it’s ok it was an experiment)

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no-longer-edible food 

composted the rest of my potatoes, which had gone bad in the storage room. sadly it's too cold out there and too warm in the house for them to stay good all winter.

I should have brought them inside once it got too cold and continued to use as many as I could before they started to sprout, but, executive dysfunction etc.

thankfully we managed to use or give away the majority of them (I brought several bags over to two of our nice neighbors over the fall and winter). out of about 50 kilos I grew that season, I estimate there were less than 10 left. which is still a lot of food to have to throw out, but at least they're not going to waste.

I'm really hoping I can get our root cellar into usable condition before next winter, but I already have a lot of handiwork on my list. we'll see. I'll just have to grow fewer potatoes if it comes to that.

ruminating on compost 

what's funny is that the compost with poor drainage that I got is probably considered "good" compost. it was certainly more expensive than what I normally get. there seems to be a widespread belief that the ideal compost consists of the tiniest possible bits, 100% humified, nothing recognizably woody whatsoever, and if you can't manage to make that happen by thermophilic processes, you should at least sift it.

this has been the opposite of my experience? the good stuff I mentioned is chunkier with little woody and fibrous bits. it's cheaper AND it works better; I grew lots of lovely veg with it last year without having to mix with anything. why make or buy "perfect" compost, only to have to buy other stuff like vermiculite, coconut fiber, peat, etc just to give it the drainage and root anchorage that the "imperfect" stuff already has?

I mean, there are reasons, but none relevant to anything I've done so far, and yet doing it this way is sometimes seen as default

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there's more vermiculite in these than I'd normally bother using (I usually don't use any tbh), but my homemade compost is frozen solid, the garden center doesn't have the good stuff in yet, and the only potting compost I was able to find has just astonishingly poor drainage.

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