hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää 🇫🇮

sorry for not being too active, it's been a weird time!

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damn, I've been in Finland for over a year, I got here last year on October 20-somethingth

gonna see @catgoat for the first time in a year, chill in an airbnb, wander around and do city stuff, hopefully meet @spoon ??

oh right and the FIGURE SKATING GRAND PRIX which is the main reason for @catgoat's visit in the first place :yell:

I'm so excited to go to Helsinki tomorrow, SHIT

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It’s just unreal here???

(more Icelandic landscapes)

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I’m here, have some pics of hot springs in Iceland billowing into the air

I did it, I played The Under Tale, got the pacifist ending, it was a good experience

I wonder a little if I would have enjoyed it more if I'd played it spoiler-free when it came out

but I'm not too bothered because even after 3 years, there were a lot of major things that the internet hadn't managed to spoil for me, and it's wasn't until I went and spoiled it myself that I got the urge to go play it, so I guess this is just how I chose to experience it?

I finally decided I was probably never gonna play Undertale so I went ahead and spoiled everything in granular detail

and now I kinda wanna play it??

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