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introduction (selfie ec) 

I guess it's finally time. I'm Sig! I'm a 32-year-old trans guy (he/him) from the Boston area, currently living in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, with my spouse @Jonas, two cats, a boa and a bunch of plants.

Right now I spend most of my time learning Finnish, taking care of my pets, gardening, baking, bicycling, and enjoying nature. I also draw, but that's been kinda on and off lately. I've also been known to play a vidja game but don't tell anyone.

Please look at the album art on this old lithuanian LP me n @Sig found at a flea market a while ago

covid -, alcohol ~+ 

I have it. sucks.

it's very annoying but could be a lot worse. I had anosmia for like an hour this morning, the worst day so far, but it's already gone. if this is as bad as it gets (please ugh) then I've had worse colds. third vax was two months ago.

the symptoms started right before my birthday, which was this weekend. at least they were still mild on the day of and only ramped up afterward. still, what a shitty present. I've dodged this fucker for two entire years, why now

I managed to keep my chin up on my birthday (admittedly with help from some beers, maybe not the wisest idea but I wasn't needing ibuprofen yet at that point so 🤷‍♂️​), but my mood's starting to deteriorate, stuck here in my sweaty sick den with the plague that I've spent two years hearing scary things about.

Sometimes @ProxyGlitchcat comes down mid stream and we just…. Made our dog into KK Slider

meta, addendum 

tldr, as I just said in a reply, it shits me to see former snouts users over on twitter saying fedi is bad for the EXACT same reasons they attacked people for saying at the time. my brother in christ you etc

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re: meta, snouts stuff (3/3) 

one prominent mod (possibly an admin at some point, I forget) actually went and stalked the guy's posts, found one cw'ed "sad -", and went in to further berate the guy about how he brought it on himself.

the poor guy was like "how are you even seeing this. i blocked you and this post is supposed to be friends locked anyway. please go away."

and I swear this mod did the basic troll thing of "it's on the public internet i can do what i want don't post if you don't want replies"

(full disclosure, yes, I saw all this because I also stalked the guy's posts - I wanted to see if any of these dozens of people were further harassing the guy, and lo and behold)

and yeah. that about sums up how interested most of the staff was in de-escalation, conflict resolution and other boring shit like that. most of them were seemingly more into Defending the Honor of Snouts than actually trying to foster community with other instances.

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re: meta, snouts stuff (2/3) 

one time, some poor sonofabitch who was new to snouts complained about CWs - that they're overused, that it's like walking on eggshells figuring out what they're supposed to hide, that having to click them all is annoying.

well, the ENTIRE admin and mod staff took a dump from the heavens on this guy. I counted - it was *every one* of them, along with *dozens* of regular users. they all just kept piling on with absolutely nobody stepping in to say "uh guys I think he gets the point??" until people from other instances started getting involved.

it was just like, performative outrage about The Way We Do Things On Masto, if you don't like it go back to twitter, and so on. extremely funny that they did all end up going back to twitter and never thought about content warnings again.

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meta, snouts stuff (1/3) 

a specific example: someone over there was just saying they don't like how everything on fedi is cw'ed, that scrolling past a wall of vague content warnings and having to open every single one - just to see content that's often not that bad or worth hiding - is kind of an uncomfortable experience and not actually helpful. someone else describes getting their ass jumped up for not being specific enough when cw'ing something "void screaming" or similar.

but I just scrolled back an entire day and saw only THREE cw'ed posts: one to do with bugs, another to do with health, and one "IT'S BEEN" joke. and I'm cw'ing this one because that's considered polite to do with meta posts; nobody wants to go on fedi just to see everyone bitching about fedi (or worse, twitter).

you know who was REEAALL performatively uptight about content warnings? yeah. here's a quick story about that.

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it was founded by the spouse of a close irl friend and I haven't wanted to ruffle any feathers. but there are people in that circle tweeting about why mastodon isn't a viable alternative to twitter, and what they're citing is shit that snouts did wrong specifically.

snouts basically swept in and snapped up most of my irl (pre-finland) cohort, including poaching a few meemu users (who never returned afterward)

I didn't see it as a problem at first because it was like yay wahoo we're all here and not on twitter, it's a big party. but frankly they did it badly and poisoned fedi for everyone who was there, who all decided the party sucks and left.

well, meemu dot org doesn't suck. we've been going for 5 years with zero fuckups. I should probably cw this "meta" but I'm too grumpy

Meemu Dot Org: We Don't Suck. Fuck You

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wondering if it's finally time to do that autopsy of snouts that I've been considering for ages. I haven't yet because it would probably make some very good friends upset. but none of them are here because they all consider the failure of snouts to be the failure of mastodon, so,


Baby could you play along with me
Baby would that be alright with you
And when we find out what's wrong with me
Could you tell me how I'm right for you

watching a shipbuilding project on youtube with @Jonas who says, of the big pile of wood shavings forming as gigantic planks of wood are fed through an industrial planer, "oh I know you'd love to have those"

and in fact I WAS just thinking of all the compost I could make with all those wood shavings. my spouse really gets me 🥺

@catgoat no that’s the good kind of emotions I’m talking about shit-tier stuff like hyperwired sadzone or sleepytime vibrations.

Wash down melatonin(s) with an energy drink for a really terrific time

I think I live in real actual stardew valley 

our nice neighbor gave me some garlic bulbs from a local organic farm and asked if I could plant them. so I did that today, about 50 cloves.

this is in addition to the cloves I already planted, from garlic grown from grocery store bulbs purchased last fall -- I managed to successfully turn 3 bulbs into about 30, but I made a mistake while drying them and lost almost half. I think I ended up with 17 or 18.

still enough that I was able to cook a bunch, give a few to the same neighbor who would later give me the organic bulbs, and still replant about as many cloves as I started with last year.

long story short I have a whole lot of garlic planted. it'll be interesting to see how the two varieties compare.

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