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introduction (selfie ec) 

I guess it's finally time. I'm Sig! I'm a 32-year-old trans guy (he/him) from the Boston area, currently living in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, with my spouse @Jonas, two cats, a boa and a bunch of plants.

Right now I spend most of my time learning Finnish, taking care of my pets, gardening, baking, bicycling, and enjoying nature. I also draw, but that's been kinda on and off lately. I've also been known to play a vidja game but don't tell anyone.

watching a shipbuilding project on youtube with @Jonas who says, of the big pile of wood shavings forming as gigantic planks of wood are fed through an industrial planer, "oh I know you'd love to have those"

and in fact I WAS just thinking of all the compost I could make with all those wood shavings. my spouse really gets me 🥺

@catgoat no that’s the good kind of emotions I’m talking about shit-tier stuff like hyperwired sadzone or sleepytime vibrations.

Wash down melatonin(s) with an energy drink for a really terrific time

I think I live in real actual stardew valley 

our nice neighbor gave me some garlic bulbs from a local organic farm and asked if I could plant them. so I did that today, about 50 cloves.

this is in addition to the cloves I already planted, from garlic grown from grocery store bulbs purchased last fall -- I managed to successfully turn 3 bulbs into about 30, but I made a mistake while drying them and lost almost half. I think I ended up with 17 or 18.

still enough that I was able to cook a bunch, give a few to the same neighbor who would later give me the organic bulbs, and still replant about as many cloves as I started with last year.

long story short I have a whole lot of garlic planted. it'll be interesting to see how the two varieties compare.

re: compost guests 

oh, wood mice don't hibernate apparently. well, take care lil fellas, whatever it is you do all winter

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compost guests 

discovered two wood mice living in my compost bay when they started bouncing around in a panic as I opened the pile to dump in a bucket of kitchen scraps. they were probably there for the warmth at least as much as the nibbling; I’ve got a good active pile going that still steams when I dig into it even though we’ve had some freezy nights.

which I’m pretty proud of! getting compost hot isn’t easy at this scale without a regular source of something very high in nitrogen (i.e. manure). I’m hoping to add ducks within the next year or two and then my compost game is really gonna take off

anyway the mice are fine, they escaped the compost bay after some confused pinballing around and ran off toward the root cellar mound. they might be back but probably won't end up hibernating there since I'm going to be disturbing them pretty frequently by continuing to add stuff. good luck buddies. don't try and come in the house please, the cats'll getcha.

absolutely luxuriating in the mild malaise i've got going after my second jab. I made a giant pot of soup using my own veggies yesterday and left it simmering overnight, it turned out amazing and now i am in my blanket cocoon with hot soup and videoed games.

dangerous food 

parboiling a bunch of false morels to either die or prove a very important point

elderberries: syruped

(only like a fifth of them actually, there are still like 10 liters in the freezer and twice as much rhubarb oh god what do i do)

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cw for alcohol-in-progress i guess? 

apples: cidered
potatoes: cellared

re: sadie +++ (stitches in pics but they're healing well and not bothering her at all) 

I had to dab antibiotic ointment on her stitches every day for the first week, and even though I was also cleaning with saline every day (I’m so glad she trusts me enough to let me do all that ;_;) it wasn’t enough to keep the greasy ointment from building up until her face fur got real gross

(not that that stopped me from scratching her cone zones for her, which she quickly started demanding *all the time*)

now she actually looks a lot better because I just gone done grooming her little face with a paper towel and saline. I’m done having to touch her eyelids for the rest of cone time and once she realized I was really just grooming this time and not putting goop in her eyes, she started to really enjoy it 🥺

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sadie +++ (stitches in pics but they're healing well and not bothering her at all) 

stitches out and cone off next week ❤️

gonna put this here too just in case anyone's keeping an eye on this toot, which got a lot of attention (and tysm for that too!):

we ended up raising just over half of the ~490 € surgery and thank you SO MUCH to those who donated... it's still gonna be a tight month but that's WAY more doable ❤️❤️

surgery went fine, there's a pic of poor sadie with her little cone and stitches on my timeline for anyone who wants to see where their donation went. it's going to be an unfun week of eye drops and rest for her but she's going to feel SO much better soon

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