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introduction (selfie ec) 

I guess it's finally time. I'm Sig! I'm a 32-year-old trans guy (he/him) from the Boston area, currently living in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, with my spouse @Jonas, two cats, a boa and a bunch of plants.

Right now I spend most of my time learning Finnish, taking care of my pets, gardening, baking, bicycling, and enjoying nature. I also draw, but that's been kinda on and off lately. I've also been known to play a vidja game but don't tell anyone.

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sorry that a lot of my posts for at least the next 2 months are going to be "top surgery +++ [show more]" but you know how it is

re: talkin about spiders (no pics) 

the other spider lived in a little fist-sized cobweb right next to the water.

this spider was even tinier; I could have easily never noticed it if I hadn't spent so much time gazing at that particular spot from my hammock (which hangs from two spruces growing right at the shoreline). even then I could have just forgotten about it rather than checking to see if the same spider was still there from day to day.

it stayed there pretty much all summer. eventually a second spider showed up, a little guy with a smaller abdomen, a male. they danced around for a couple days, then he was gone, and for a while she stayed there, abdomen getting fatter and fatter, until one day she was gone too.

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talkin about spiders (no pics) 

while spending all those hours down by the river last summer, I became personally acquainted with two tiny spiders. one had a little web in the umbel of a tall apiaceous plant of some sort – some species of Angelica, I think. it was a beautiful big plant, a standout among the sun-dappled growth, always looking proud and significant. if you saw this plant in a videogame you'd try to interact with it. it was a proud perch for this spider, who did really well there, its web always full.

the plant was right next to my path down to my hangout spot, about chest height, and I greeted the little spider whenever I went down there. it was there for a few weeks then disappeared, its web gradually breaking apart as the plant's spherical puffs of white flowers started going to seed. I don't know if maybe a bird got it (its home being so high and prominent) or maybe it went off to find a mate, but it sure seemed like a fat and happy lil guy for a while there.

hey, I'm still here, haven't had social energy lately for anything more than dinking around on minecraft with a handful of people each doing their own thing in near silence

shitpost, dicks, nsfw 

drew a dick on the whiteboard. jonas named it Scrungle and labeled it accordingly

I'd like to thank past me for filling up the big chest in the mudroom with firewood so I don't have to keep going out to the woodshed in the snow with an ikea bag

I'm making spaghetti bolognese on the woodstove and I've only set off the fire alarm a little bit

look @ this awesome meemu that farvann on twitter did!! ahh i love her it's perfect!

i open twitter. multiple people are talking about a carp. the carp is maybe bad? one ought to avoid this carp, is the vibe i'm getting, but no other context is forthcoming. i close twitter

*listening to a dopapod live album with @Jonas*

me: wait does this band have two dudes who sound the exact fucking same?

jonas: I think so?

me: in the studio version of this I assumed it was one dude doing multiple vocal tracks but it's two dudes???

jonas: there are definitely two dudes singing rn

me: are they identical twins or something?? wtf. this is so spooky

"what is a leaf bucket" glad you asked. it's a bucket full of leaves

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there's a little snail in my leaf bucket...

I wonder if anyone has ever made a Gävlebocken-themed tower defense game

- 🎒 💭 🐐

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