planted so far this season: one apple tree, one cherry tree, 5 raspberries, 3 hazelnuts. the hazelnuts were a pain to find and I'm glad I managed to; they're native here* but seemingly not too common in cultivation.

I also finally cleaned up the 10 or so currant bushes that were in a real sorry state. the previous owners, who lived here 15 years, must have been even more antisocial than us because the only currant that looks like it's been cared for in at least that long (and in fact looks quite good) is the one that's least visible to any neighbors.

the rest range from "pretty meager" to "almost nothing" now that the tangled masses of dead branches are gone (and mulched and returned to them), but what's left is healthy and flowering. I think a couple years of care and mulching will fix these guys right up

*in fact they're the ONLY tree nut that grows in Finland and their Finnish name just means "nut bush"

re: garden 

only got 1 apple tree because we already have one that's compatible with it, which itself somehow manages to get pollinated by something in the neighborhood.

the cherry is supposedly self-pollinating, but would benefit from having a buddy, which I might get at some point

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