oh a bibeo game news happened that I actually care about

it's been 19 YEARS are you KIDDING me. I was 16 when I played fusion!! I'm 34 now!!!!

there have been metroids prime since then but I got so disappointed with where that series went. prime 1 is one of my favorite games of all time; 2 is alright; I never finished 3

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more metroid babbling 

my problem with metroid prime 3 was that there are so many PEOPLE in it

you have to work with *other bounty hunters*! the galactic federation is actually involved, not just a vague offscreen presence with no role except hiring samus to do the thing before the game even starts

they're called the "galactic federation" ffs, synonymous with "who cares, they're just here to kick off the plot"

one of my favorite things about metroid is how lonely it is! the best ones like super and prime really convey the lonely spooky feeling of being the only sentient person on an alien world. for a long long time samus got basically no overt character development, but you just knew (before they made it explicit in fusion) that she's doing the exact job she wants, that she LIKES being isolated on lonely planets, isolated in her suit, rarely speaking to anyone ever.

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