crowdfunding for cat surgery 

I feel a little guilty calling attention to it at all, but @catgoat was kind enough to handle the crowdfunding for me, so yeah – Sadie my precious marshmallow has entropion in both eyes, meaning the lower lids are curling inward, which can lead to cornea damage and eventual blindness. It already caused an infection in one eye before the vet figured out what’s happening.

She’s going in for surgery next week and it’s more than we can afford right now. :( I’m so very thankful for any amount donated.

Details from previous boost just in case: "You can donate by sending to my cash app tag at $itsgoats or if you have PayPal or venmo I (@catgoat) can get my partners info for ya. We’ve got ~100 ish USD out of ~580 USD”


gonna put this here too just in case anyone's keeping an eye on this toot, which got a lot of attention (and tysm for that too!):

we ended up raising just over half of the ~490 € surgery and thank you SO MUCH to those who donated... it's still gonna be a tight month but that's WAY more doable ❤️❤️

surgery went fine, there's a pic of poor sadie with her little cone and stitches on my timeline for anyone who wants to see where their donation went. it's going to be an unfun week of eye drops and rest for her but she's going to feel SO much better soon

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