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Hello! I'm a newbie to Mastodon (baring one tiny instance I was in for a week dedicated to MUDs) and found this place on the directory. I'm a video game and fantasy nerd with interests in roleplaying and handicrafts.

it's an essential part of the doctor's character is that he's a white man, but it also doesn't count as being a gender or a race thing because he's an alien. still must be played by a white man tho. my brain is the size of doubledecker bus

Why can I find NOTHING on this after 2018?

I just wanted to know the caffeine amount for the Sheriff's Secret Police fandom blend. ;A; How did I end up hereeee

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Why am I only just finding out now that Adagio's CEO is an absolute fuckhead

pro tip: Don't attribute the actions of a nation state's appendages to the whole of its population as if everyone is implicated and on the same side when you wouldn't want the same done back to you. It just reinforces useful narratives for nationalists. Be specific and say what happened instead.


bad: The Russians hacked the DNC.
good: An entity appearing to have originated from within Russia, likely the FSB, hacked the DNC.

bad: The Americans bombed Kunduz hospital.
good: The US Army and its mercenaries bombed Kunduz hospital.

Just like you wouldn't say "us" when talking about the nation you reside within, avoid this nationalist linguistic trap from the "them" perspective for an internationalist perspective instead.

Please look at the hand printed linocut card my girlfriend made

i open twitter. multiple people are talking about a carp. the carp is maybe bad? one ought to avoid this carp, is the vibe i'm getting, but no other context is forthcoming. i close twitter


Today's I was excited for, if only because the ingredients list orange peel three separate times.

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muslims quietly spent all of ramadan and two eids isolated during this pandemic. but go off on how missing christmas is the ultimate sacrifice i guess

Spending my morning outside because my usual ritual of sitting on the couch and zoning out with coffee is hindered by someone sleeping downstairs for reasons that elude me. :possum_cursing:

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Update on the project. I'm not sure if you can see the stains but hopefully that will wash out... it feels good to finally craft after a really long time of procrastinating.

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yarn talk 

At some point someone spilled a drink on my white cotton yarn. Now the yoga mat case I promised to make it gonna look weird. :aaaa:


So I got a week's worth of Adagio's 'drink-along' style thingy, and the first tea for the week is... green tea with popped rice. It was weird at first in concept, but it tasted pretty nice. I'll have to consider buying it again one day.

Also here's my Good Girl in FFXIV, getting ready for winter!

I was given a mug cake in my favorite skeleton mug. ❤️

(Sadly, it's more Vanilla Extract than Cake. 😂 )

Trying to learn modeling via Sculptris. It's... ahh, going?

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