I wanna do more cyber security stuff and learn ethical hacking and also kiss cute friends

Hey meemu I love all y'all and I'm happy to be ur friendly gay redhead admin

hey everybody


-it is not futile: anything that makes the feds' life harder is good.
-it is easy: you do not need to be a hacker to encrypt
-it doesn't matter if you need to or not: again, anything that makes the feds' life harder is good. Right now anything encrypted brings up red flags for them. Make them waste their time on your banal crap.
-it is an ethical stand: you wouldn't be okay with it if the feds read your private journal, this is no different.


Have been deep diving into more code stuff lately! Scripting API calls for all my Digital Ocean stuff and working on migrating away from GCP because DigitalOcean is a lot more affordable (and i like them better tbh)

Health Stuff, MH 

Health Stuff, MH 

I'm honestly super excited to get to work more with @catgoat to improve meemu.org, add a bunch more functionality, and basically a bunch of other nerd shit

Nvm my back hurts too much so I'm just gonna drink and eat expensive pizza from the hotel restaurant lmao

Finally made it to Auburn, might just see what's around within walking distance, piggy wants food and drink



I want to make an Instagram for my pig plush and take pictures of her in cool places

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