Religion/Spiritual Stuff 

Really wanna take more time to develop on my Druid practice but things have been so stressful. Tomorrow I will try to just iron out even 30 minutes to do some visualization practice and go back to my Grove for a while.

why does heroforge not have any Pig Options

pig monsters are a fantasy STAPLE !!!!


Hey All,

I uploaded the mix I did for WZBC Boston College Radio! This mix was super cathartic to record and a lot of work went into it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!!


Y'ever just wake up at 4am and still can't sleep so u take a sedative and it doesn't do shit

I just wanna get more than three hours of sleep in a night weh

I'm so sleepy!!! I've been forcing myself into a new (read: better) sleep schedule since I moved and I'm getting tired like, much earlier now. I used to stay up super late but now I end up getting tired at like 8PM lmfao

Welcome all new users! I'm Ema, your friendly neighborhood sysadmin! Please remember to read the rules and feel free to follow me or @meemu for announcements regarding upgrades and other stuff!

Sickness, body stuff 

Went from throwing up and unable to hold food down to being bloated and constipated from the tums and pepto

Just want my body to feel okay lol

Finally here in Kansas and very sleepy but so much to do still!!

The audit is going really well, better than expected. I'm really nervous but it looks like I might just get through this, and with flying colors somehow????

Spirituality, Druidry 

Additionally! the blog is federated! You can follow along at @grove

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Spirituality, Druidry 

Some of y'all might know that recently i've been seeking spirituality and have discovered Druidry. I've started studying and think I've found a really good home here.

That being said, i've started a little blog with excerpts from my magical journal. If anyone would like to read, you can find it at

EZ <3

Food, MH 

You ever just eat an entire large pizza to your Dome because you're sad

Upgraded @meemu to v3.2.0 today. Release notes can be found at

Infrastructure was also patched.


Finding Paganism has been really awesome for me tbh. It's been super fulfilling finding a way to feel more connected with the planet and nature. It's super grounding, especially in current times.

I've been playing D&D for a few weeks now and it's so much fun I can't believe I've never played it until now

Excited to play in my first ever video game tournament this weekend

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