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Been super trying to cook more ever since deciding to go vegetarian, Im lucky my roomate has been so supportive!

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Today I went from not knowing who Kero Kero Bonito was to being a huge fan and getting the tour managers number lol

Just copped the tour exclusive vinyl! Apparently Kero Kero Bonito likes dnb? Gave the merch dude my info and he said they'd listen to my tunes!

In other news this vinyl is BEAUTIFUL

Has anyone ever heard of Kero Kero Bonito? @UDNTNOME is taking me to their show tonight!!

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I love all my meemu users and I'm excited to get more involved w mastodon again bc birdsite has become too emotionally cumbersome

hey meemu friends! we've had a few new folks join us so I just wanna drop this info here

your staff members are the following!

admins: @catgoat / @Trufflesnuffle

mod squad: @Sig / @Gwyndolin

you can find our rules over here:

any questions, feel free to message @meemu or any of the staff! just remember to be excellent to each other :heart_pride:

Holy shit I might have someone working under me soon? Idk how good of a boss I would be ;🐽;

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When I left my apartment to go to work this morning there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and it was super nice but now its all just rain and icky

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