Holy shit I might have someone working under me soon? Idk how good of a boss I would be ;🐽;

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When I left my apartment to go to work this morning there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and it was super nice but now its all just rain and icky

Woke up feeling not absolutely sick af for the first time in like a week so that's good!

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I just want a "nevermind" button next to the "post" button

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Hey @Rybark in celebration of the new year I changed your name in my phone to Roobark

So @olympiaxylaige got me a purple immersion blender for Xmas and I love it so much!!! Lentil soup, here I come 🐽

gdpr (guillotine-based data protection regulation)

starting a new electronic music genre called β€œCrunch β€˜n’ Bones”, fans of which cannot listen to other genres without sneering and saying something like β€œentirely boneless” or β€œthis has no crunch to it at all”

A real paragraph from Lisa Hanawalt's foreward in the Bojack art book.

Are there any website designers out there open to bartering their skill and labor for furry art or other illustration? Need help launching a webcomic site. Retoot please!

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