The audit is going really well, better than expected. I'm really nervous but it looks like I might just get through this, and with flying colors somehow????

Spirituality, Druidry 

Additionally! the blog is federated! You can follow along at @grove

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Spirituality, Druidry 

Some of y'all might know that recently i've been seeking spirituality and have discovered Druidry. I've started studying and think I've found a really good home here.

That being said, i've started a little blog with excerpts from my magical journal. If anyone would like to read, you can find it at

EZ <3

Food, MH 

You ever just eat an entire large pizza to your Dome because you're sad

Upgraded @meemu to v3.2.0 today. Release notes can be found at

Infrastructure was also patched.


Finding Paganism has been really awesome for me tbh. It's been super fulfilling finding a way to feel more connected with the planet and nature. It's super grounding, especially in current times.

I've been playing D&D for a few weeks now and it's so much fun I can't believe I've never played it until now

Excited to play in my first ever video game tournament this weekend

Hey mastodon who wants to wfh together via a discord call

Hi mastodon just letting you know u love you


Brain worms are severe today!!!!

Alright gonna turn into a single user mastodon instance bc I did NOT pay for this domain to let it sit there and not be used

Birdsite xpost 

Pixel 4 is dope af but getting used to gesture navigation is Def taking a bit of getting used to. I like it tho!!!

Desperately want to get behind the decks or do a bit of streaming later

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