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welcome new users and people fleeing the scourge of tumblr!! mastodon is a little different from most social networks because each community is run by individual people and not by corporations, for the most part! Take a peek at your instances’s rules, ours are here

Your admin team on is @catgoat and @Trufflesnuffle and the mod squad is @Sig and @fuzzyproxy

wow I woke up to find some new users joined meemu, hey welcome!! We’re chill and small here, check out the local and federated timeline to see your neighbors on the fediverse! I’m your local friendly admin along with @Trufflesnuffle, @meemu is the official admin account for instance updates.

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I really wanna use Mastodon more but i have so much trouble differentiating between what to post here and what to post on twitter bc i don't want to mirror the two lol

I feel like my mastodon posts should be more, like, private? but at the same time this is public lmao so idk

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