asking for help with rent (hopefully last time?), boosts appreciated 

kinda wanna try toy house?? since i actually have a couple of characters now...

Okay, folks. I've got an awesome, plural, enby friend named Saoirse, living in Portland, OR. They're in a bit of a bind, though. Their ED treatment center bounced them (for what I understand to be subpar reasons), and they're homeless until their transitional housing program has a bed open up. The bottom of the couch barrel has been scraped, and it dries up this weekend. The cash barrel is also being scraped clean.

In short, money or couches in Portland would be massively appreciated. Money can go to$saoirseseesall or (forgive the facehell fundraiser for not having been updated since they were inpatient, I'll encourage the mutual friend maintaining it to update it). Couch offers can just be DM'd at me, or at Saoirse through hellbook.

Anything is appreciated, even (especially) just boosts.

Past bedtime, must sleep, have a good day all and ignore the hooplah today if you need to!

The mouse considered biting the cat, but she was ancient, had been ancient as long as mouse generations could remember. Instead, he left quietly, but not before twitching the curtain open wider, to allow more sun to brush over the cat’s bony flank.

There would be another time for the hunt.

#tootfic 2/2 to the #ThimblefulThursday #writingPrompt

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There was a mouse to play with, but the cat was not so young anymore, and the sunbeam was wide and warm, and the mouse was a fighter, fierce the way they had not been when she was a kitten.

She lay down, just for a short nap.

#tootfic 1/2

one photo of me topless with lingerie bottoms, nipples visible/uncensored, and a butt pic in that lingerie, selfies but no direct eye contact, boosts ok 

Excuse me Google, but ladybugs don't eat leaves, they eat other bugs! (like aphids)

Remember Judge Doom's plan from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?

"I bought the Red Line so I could dismantle it!"

That /literally happened/ in the US (without the cartoon characters, naturally). Car manufacturers bought up and destroyed public transportation so people would drive their cars more.

Night folks, you all keep doing your best and I hope you have a good day/night! <3


It is maybe worth mentioning that I have 5 slots on my #kickstarter for manuscript critiques that have nothing to do with my book!

So if you're a writer who wants objective and in-depth feedback from someone who worked both for a literary agent and a literary scout evaluating manuscripts, please do back my project at the Writer Package level (£30 for 30 pages)

#writing #editing

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Tech industry and capitalism salt 

Taking 5 slots for simple, test pixelart commissions of avatars like mine, to be completed this evening.
3$ - flat colors
6$ - simple shading
9$ - highlights and shading
+ 3$ - alternate color schemes
I can do any (CGA, C64, pastels, custom, etc)
DM first!

Opportunity hasn't responded to NASA since June and they're holding a press conference today at 7 GMT to discuss her future. And I'm going to fucking cry if they cancel the mission. She was supposed to go for 90 days and has gone for over 15 YEARS. She never gave up on us.

Please help, crowdfunding 

Character design, food inspired 

Tip for those living in areas prone to power loss.

Keep big jugs of water in your freezer, if you have freezer space. if/when power goes out, use the fridge/freezer as little as possible, and transfer frozen water jugs to the fridge. This should help keep the temperature low enough to delay spoilage of food.

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