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introduction post! 

Time for new a ??
Hi! I'm micah. I'm a 31 year old enby engineer in who's sometimes a cat satyr and sometimes a big ol' dog! I'm the admin of and I like to doodle, watch , make horrible mastodon themes, and pet cats. My interests include public transit, , and being a big gay.

I use they/them pronouns!

You can find my blog over here @catgoat for longer posts.

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got some cbd bud and cbd cigarettes (no tobacco) and it's good so farrr
Full phone number database of #Clubhouse is up for sale on the #Darknet. It contains 3.8 billion phone numbers. These are not just members but also people in contact lists that were synced. Chances are high that you are listed even if you haven't had a Clubhouse login.

someone was generating facial recognition disrupting face mask designs on redbubble. they were generated using a program this person had written or tweaked and one version was hexagons or pentagons (maybe nested, not only tesselated) but there were more in the works. I cannot. find them, does anyone know the thing I am talking about.

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TODAY @ 2 PM EDT/14:00 UTC-4: @eatthepen, @atelierEscalier and I are gonna be streaming @ArmelloGame! Furries & overthrowing corrupt royalty, now in board game form!

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maybe we can start the hash tag again so we can uplift our community. we've been hurting so much and i want to see us flourish. we deserve peace and love like everyone else..

so if you're a POC furry, join in and share whatever you want to be uplifted.

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Hey @universalhub, @MassDOT is doing a state wide bike survey. Maybe your followers would be interested in taking it.

Begpost, Injured Pet 

Okay, so, we seriously thought we could do this completely by ourselves, but we're not actually sure if we can.

Our cat had a UTI and that's taken care of with an antibiotics injection, but our emotionally and financially abusive father was making us choose between the cat and paying back a debt to this company called ProCollect (something we refused to do). We don't get paid next until August 5th and already did our paycheck advance for the week and we've never done that before, so we don't know if it'll even work.

As it turns out, our cat might have a (apologies) fucked up paw from trying to jump up on one of the shelves in our room, something we thought he succeeded at, and which is something we didn't notice until extremely recently (as soon as yesterday night) and we would like to stop restraining him as soon as possible.

Please help us. The Xray and check in alone we hear is probably about $220 USD. We would like to get to $300 - $350 USD to account for car gas money, any meds he might need, and the fact both us and the cat still need food.

Why didn't we say anything until now? Well, what else are you going to do when you think you can do everything by yourself?? We didn't think we would need the help and we're also scared shitless.

We only have a Cash App for now because our PayPal and Venmo don't like our system name, so we have to do something about that, sorry:$rusanyacollective

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If you would like to donate to the Quileute tribe they need help moving some of their buildings including their tribal school that teaches their children their language & culture to higher ground to avoid threat of tsunamis

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Skeg thash, añi ñiep chegik Tonya Song. Añi añod O'otham. My name is Tonya Song & I'm American Indian (O'otham) & Mexican. I'm trans femme/nb. Been in furry 10+ yrs

I'm a musician: singer, songwriter, & composer. Check out my music on

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Person backed out of a big commission they were wanting from me at the very last second, so I'm keeping my comms open to refill the slots. Dm me if interested, rts appreciated.

The Houston Computer History Museum is liquidating everything they have! If you are in the vicinity of Texas and enjoy old computers, go take a trip there and save a piece of history!

HT to @catgoat for sharing.

why Minecraft in windows is making me motion sick, but in Mac OS generally it does not

Hey has anyone on the fediverse done much research on RCS Universal Profile? Would like to understand it more and it seems hard to get the real lowdown without a ton of marketing bullshit or weird telco lingo I don’t know.

re: a plea to users 

For those hoping it will get better or to just "wait it out and see":

The situation is unlikely to change or improve (as anyone who has spoken to Gargron can tell you, he is certainly not a man who easily changes his mind...). Constantly reminding to do their jobs is not something that is frankly the community's job.

Either way, the damage has been done. Instances are already blocking it despite its size and a lot of the fediverse is no longer accessible to

If you want another instance, well, is a good starting point.

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police raid on gay men in MD, USA 

Police rounded up a bunch of gay men at a hookup spot in MD, USA:

Several men were sent to jail overnight and are facing charges of violating a MD sodomy law, never mind that courts in MD's jurisdictions have already tossed similar sodomy laws in other states after SCOTUS's ruling in Lawrence.

I expect they'll escape being sentenced, or win on appeal. But they've already been punished for their non-crimes: jail, arrest & legal fees, etc.

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RETRO COMMUNITY, please retweet. If anybody can be in Houston this weekend there's a 'computer museum' that's liquidating everything they have. Almost everything is pre-Y2K including some DEC stuff and what looks like AS/400 equipment. Listing: @Foone

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the aforementioned Ikuhara episode of Commune College! Please subscribe to the show on your podcatcher of choice, or ask one of us for the RSS link 💜

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