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Time for new a ??
Hi! I'm micah. I'm a 31 year old enby engineer in who's sometimes a cat satyr and sometimes a big ol' dog! I'm the admin of and I like to doodle, watch , make horrible mastodon themes, and pet cats. My interests include public transit, , and being a big gay.

I use they/them pronouns!

You can find my blog over here @catgoat for longer posts.

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If you don't want cops or military using your open / sharealike software and you actually mean it, then consider Ethical Open Source (EOS) licensing options which are analogous to your project's current licensing scheme. Lip service means nothing when your facial recognition tech is being used for state surveillance and oppression and you could throw a legal wrench in the cogs of the machine.

(check their related licenses page for a more complete list)


The news has told me Benadryl is being restricted because the Teens on tiktok are taking large quantities of Benadryl as a tiktok challenge

I.....this feels fake

The overwhelming gender split between cis women and cis men on reactions to the “I have a 7 foot boa constrictor” is kind of wild. Cis women are like “oh alright? Kind of weird/cool” cis men are way more likely to be abjectly terrified/disgusted

Oh, ist futsch. Also muss ich meine Studis ab sofort darauf hinweise, dass sie auf gar keinen Fall benutzen dürfen.

also white queers a reminder you are able to go thru life still with white privilege and the ability to hide within that, never forget that there are other queer people who aren't white who don't have the privilege of utilizing whiteness

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Gonna be doing the first proper Fast Casual stream on Tuesday1 Vote now on ur phones for which handheld ports of console games to explore first:

It's Thursday, let's play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because I have lost all semblance of control of my life

Cops in Louisville just got away with murdering Breonna Taylor.

This ruling is just one more shovel full of dirt on the notion that Black people can get justice in US courts. The only way to get justice is to burn the country to the ground and build something better.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor


A lot of people (with good reason!) don't like the Democratic party

A lot of people (also with good reason!) don't like the Democratic party's candidates

I'm not interested in trying to change anyone's mind there

But I am going to ask you a question:

Does anyone really truly believe that we can make any progress if right-wing, theocratic, authoritarians are allowed to continue working toward a fully-realized white ethnostate?

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There's a *ton* of on-the-ground, really fuckin hard work to do in this country

Entrenched, systemic problems that a lot of Americans are convinced are "a good thing actually" either because (they believe) they have a vested interest in the status quo or because they simply can't imagine doing things a different way

Yes, we have to do the hard work! We have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears in our own communities to make any actual substantive change happen

And we also have to vote!

If you’re stuck at home and want to contribute to the cause: 

with time, find an imprisoned protestor and start writing to them:

with money, the Louisville Community Bail Fund could use some:

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