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introduction post! 

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come to

we have vaporwave

we got purple

we got 1tb of media storage

but most importantly: we have MEEMUS.

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furries! sfw but a little weird imo 

i like the single column layout but honestly kinda like twitter it's a lot of wasted space on a big screen

Hey, friends! I'm looking to commission a new stream image for when I don't use Facerig, just a nice cute portrait to use in the corner of the screen. Probably just transparent svg or png of Proxy playing *gasp* a VIDEO GAME on a portable console of some sort, lemme know if you have anyone who comes to mind for a good style for this. c:

but also a snugglemonster, she loves to Snug, 24/7, she could sit on your lap at all hours of the day

i still cant believe my roommates cat is like, 15-16 years old, and still a feisty playful little fucker

i had a dream i was in a conversation with a group of people and basically ended it with saying i don't know why we even have gendered pronouns any more, they're a relic from some old time when english had grammatical gender

and I guess, mood

Patreon Continuing To Kick Sex Workers And Artists Off Their Platform 

Masto mods and admins, please open - new anti-spam tool 

oh yeah, for i tagged a release since I figured I should actually... you know... tag them to the major versions of mastodon they support when there are UI changes

i need to refactor this a little bit to make it easier to install, and also create a glitch version (though it should work fine as a vanilla theme on glitch) but, here's the vaporwave and purple themes we got here!

Stream starts at noon EDT/GMT-5! I've turned on the stream to play some tunes, hop in, get yourself a cup of coffee, and get settled~ Streaming more Avalon Code when we get settled!

tfw you run docker-compose build on your server and it catches on fire

a side convo from this leads me to ask: are there any kind of fandom-focused instances? I feel like the segment of my friends group that isn't furries tends to be into fanfic and fandoms and stuff

helped my friends out during their move which ended up with me and my bud having a lot of talk about queer theory stuff and also about federated social media

well, got running locally, gonna see about getting the vaporwave theme working on that :V

hi friends!!! the code for this is here:

it has our localizations and the vaporwave assets! and the purple meemu theme.

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A queer and furry friendly instance with an official cat mascot, Meemu!! Please be at least 18 years of age to sign up here.