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introduction post! 

Time for new a ??
Hi! I'm micah. I'm a 31 year old enby engineer in who's sometimes a cat satyr and sometimes a big ol' dog! I'm the admin of and I like to doodle, watch , make horrible mastodon themes, and pet cats. My interests include public transit, , and being a big gay.

I use they/them pronouns!

You can find my blog over here @catgoat for longer posts.

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uspol / police 

above the law.
kill for sport.
seen as a superior class.
pillars of the ruling classes' interests.
hand in hand with the klan

still true after these trial results. Chauvin is the 7th on-duty cop to be convicted of murder since 2005, out of 15,000 "police killings" (murders) in that time. This is going to be spun to lessen pressure on police abolition by Democrats and Republicans, so be fully aware and discuss with the people around you if it is safe.

us politics, police violence 

Pelosi's wretched comment about George Floyd "sacrificing himself for justice" shows the magical thinking that power inevitably leads to

The guilty verdict is good, therefore George Floyd dying was good, because it caused the guilty verdict to happen. When you're that isolated from other humans nothing feels real

religion sideeye, george floyd adj 

marginalized people being murdered isn't a world improving sacrifice.

full offense to christianity

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if you see a video with a thumbnail that looks like this, don’t open it and dont spread it. it’s a video with a dead body of a 15 year old girl who was shot. turn off autoplay

Anyone want this? Maybe stick a magnet on it and use it as a fridge magnet? Idk.

Or use it as a pin? Will need some clear coat on it if so, 'cause rain

£2 + postage x}

us pol, police killing 

They couldn’t even go a few hours after the verdict without the pigs shooting a 15 year old black girl who called them for help.

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Don’t let a single white person get away with telling you that this country can breathe a sigh of relief or that we’ve turned a corner or that justice was served. Black folks can feel relief or joy today but the rest of you? Focus on *this* and stay mad.

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62.3% of those stopped in 2020 were Black, more than doubling the percentage of white people, who made up 30% of the stops.

⁦@GBH⁩ ⁦@GBHNews⁩

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Damn, I'm shocked that the thing Korean and Jewish people spent years saying was fascist, and was written by a fascist who has been very open about his admiration for imperial war criminals, ended up glorifying fascism and imperialism. Who could have possibly predicted this?

Stop scrolling

It's timeline cleanser time.

These boys are almost 8 weeks old which means this is our last week with them before they go get adopted!

They're such sweet babies. They'll get a forever home in no time 😊

(alt: video of two kittens playing with a ribbon toy)

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this week our discord is doing fun things! We’re gonna watch thunder force Friday. Then Saturday we’ll do Codenames/Skribblio at noon EDT and then Uno + Gartic phone at 8:30pm EDT. We’re also doing a giveaway for 2 months of nitro so hey come hang out!

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Half a crew on a lift boat perished in Louisiana due to safety standards not taking storms seriously enough. This is unacceptable and there’s no excuses no matter what the company says. RIP fellow mariners your loss was too much. One was trapped alive in vessel.

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the fact that they’re often extremely charming and that they don’t do it to everyone ... is what allows them to perpetrate abuse

Cuisine from* I cannot spell i was too excited from food

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