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Time for new a ??
Hi! I'm micah. I'm a 31 year old enby engineer in who's sometimes a cat satyr and sometimes a big ol' dog! I'm the admin of and I like to doodle, watch , make horrible mastodon themes, and pet cats. My interests include public transit, , and being a big gay.

I use they/them pronouns!

You can find my blog over here @catgoat for longer posts.

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I tried allergy shots ages ago… they worked a little but we’re a huge pain, so now…. I shall try sublingual drops 👀

after the Great Mastodon Fire of 1988, all new instances were built fifteen feet higher than the old ones. the old instances fell into disuse but still exist forming a series of passageways and tunnels beneath Mastodon, the Mastodon Underground as it is known

played jackbox last night with people other than the people i live with for the first time since the before times :eyes:

Got to see my old roommate aayyyy I missed them!!!

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Sometimes people say they’re fighting the power but they’re just using social justice language as a cover to lash out at people because they don’t have a healthy approach to the fact of being hurt and in pain

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I forgot the date

Kellogg’s cereal workers are on strike 👀👀

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U.S. Army veteran Daniel Wilkinson, of Texas, died of a treatable illness because the Covid crisis left him without an available ICU bed even though he lives 3 houses down from an emergency room and 60 miles away from some of the greatest healthcare facilities in the world.

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@StateDept The Australien Government has made an ad for its new AUKUS military alliance, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

> "Was my personal data at risk?"

> No more than when Facebook is up and running.

what this journalist isn't saying is that for those five hours you were probably safer and enjoyed more privacy than at any time between creating your Facebook/etc account and right now


infamous /r/relationships post where a guy complains his gf won't stop talking like jar jar Binks

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Not iPhone doing confetti as I’m fired

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Confirmed: The DNS records that tell systems how to find or got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables. Can you imagine working at FB right now, when your email no longer works & all your internal FB-based tools fail?

I’m ready for several naps and possibly a snack

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