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introduction post! 

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boost if u agree to respect the chorus to "squidward nose" over the pledge of allegiance, which does not go nearly as hard as "squidward nose"

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Today is Wotan's birthday! He is now a 4 year old cat! 🎂🎂🎂🎂

On this day in 1929, white mobs threatened black residents of North Platte, Nebraska, causing 200 people to flee their homes after a black man is accused of killing a white police officer.


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Regarding my toot from two days ago:

Masto has been sharing my thread of Black LGBTQ+ owned organizations and that’s great!

But I see not a one person talking about how SIX (6!!) Black Trans Women have been killed in a week’s span of time.

Y’all need to be paying attention and DO BETTER

Bree Black
Shaki Peters
Draya McCarty
Brayla Stone
Merci Mack
Tatiana Hall

Rest in power, ladies.

This has to stop.

I got a blue refurbished kitchen aid mixer (pic is of it)

Massachusetts residents: the state is offering free covid tests, regardless of if you have symptoms or not, for the next month

Vancoufur Con Chair Callout Post, Abuse, Gasslighting, document, twitter link 

This is straight up racism now 

Broadening my witchcraft horizons 

so i thought i had a buyers agent but i'm not super happy with her, so now i have to find another one, but I should tell her, I just need the best way to phrase it. i guess "I think we have differences in communication styles and it would be best if I sought out an alternative"? maybe? or i could just say i won't be using her services for this sale

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