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come to

we have vaporwave

we got purple

we got 1tb of media storage

but most importantly: we have MEEMUS.

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Hot take: brutalism is popular amongst millennials because we all played a lot of Minecraft and are nostalgic for our first cobblestone houses.

i will provide no evidence.

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damn, caught that minding the gap documentary on PBS, it was hard watching but an amazing film

downside: oh my god he SHEDS so much!!!

my dog used to look like a naked rat but now he has a thick coat of fur and i'm not used to it

i think people are making AD accounts on here and that's Valid

or even just giving out my last name, i'm more likely to donate to people on gfm or square cash for that reason too

one of the things that makes me apprehensive about commissioning strangers is like, PayPal dead naming me lmao

Google is projected to bring tens of thousands of jobs to San Jose, California. And Mayor Sam Liccardo says the company agreed to fees on development to help fund affordable housing.

fursona LORE, and art ofc Show more

fursona LORE, and art ofc Show more

i found an old clip i used to wear in my hair when it was down to my ass

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