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introduction post! 

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come to

we have vaporwave

we got purple

we got 1tb of media storage

but most importantly: we have MEEMUS.

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Due to the support of my members, I can finally make this public after working on it for a year!

It is a to download ZIP, which includes

- 26 individual images
- a READ ME doc
- A PDF coloring book
- A PDF with an explanation of each animal featured

Download at

Tips very much appreciated!

Thank you all so much, ILU ❤️

he will cry at me until i lay the blanket out on the couch for him to lay on top of

my dog will only lay on microfiber blankets

tbh my dogs turned 8 a couple days ago and i'm just happy with how good they're doing. they've both had cancer and mysterious medical conditions but even after the minor ER disaster of "dog ate wood" pinkie is looking and doing great on a new food regimen and danny is just like, aging in reverse lol

3 years of vet visits, 3 socks, 3 years between pictures there's a pattern here

btw: these pictures are 3 years apart!!! he looks like he aged in reverse lol

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Before and after thyroid treatment for my dog!!!! He looks so different.

It also took 20+ steep falls to break my iphones screen. I’m clumsy. I do not have an otter box.

I cannot believe it took me 10-11 years to shatter a phone screen. I’ve never ever done it before!!!

I put a screen protector on my shattered phone so I can just use it like this right

it took ~3 years of vet appointments and different medications to find out it was just hypothyroidism after all!! but it really changes them

Before and after thyroid treatment for my dog!!!! He looks so different.

hey do i know anyone who works for t-mobile and do you happen to have a ~hookup~ code for when I switch over? :3c

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For mods and admin 

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Boomers: "Millennials are killing the Golf Courses!"


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For uninitiated, Nginx was originally developed by Igor Sysoev while he worked for Rambler. The contest dates back to 2004 and Rambler believes that Nginx _belongs_ to them since Igor worked on it during his work in Rambler.

Some people suggest that sudden "revisit" of a case from 2004 is somehow linked to FSB.

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Rambler accuses Nginx developer Igor Sysoev of "stealing" open-source Nginx from them.

micah uppied

It goes like this:
Ramblers side claims what I already mentioned: Nginx belongs to them because Sysoev worked in Rambler when he created Nginx.

Sysoev's side, on the other hand, claims that according to Russian Law, something could belong to a company only and only if it was done on specific request under employment contract or commisioned as a direct contracted work. Neither of those are the case here, according to Igor, so he insists he should retain the rights to software.

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Spread the message. Draw attention. Currently, news are making rounds in Russian internet sphere, but for a project of this size this is NOT enough.

Considering the toxic legal environment in Russia, any kind of attention might draw in much needed support.

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