come to

we have vaporwave

we got purple

we got 1tb of media storage

but most importantly: we have MEEMUS.

If anyone wants the source code for vaporwave or purple, @meemu has a pinned toot with the Deets.

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@fuzzyproxy i'm here to admit my aesthetic is cats and pink or purple gradients

@fuzzyproxy i will neither confirm nor deny allegations that you are on the mods squad because your fursona matches the aesthetic :doge_cool:

@catgoat @fuzzyproxy Proxy mods two instances, they are OP and must be stopped :nes_fire:

@regal it’s my favorite thing I’ve done with mastodon so far, although I use the base purple theme I made for here most of the time because the vapor wave one is proper eye searing 😂

@catgoat yeaaah haha. Vaporwave is the kind of aesthetic you can only handle so much of at a time :corruptedjoy:

@catgoat can i upload a 1TB 4K video maned wolf compilation

@sky this is now a maned wolf only instance, when you try to log in it’s just a maned wolf compilation with the “two of them” music playing

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