I have an awful sticker pack of shitposts, featuring a mix of garbage memes and more garbage memes

listen, one time i spent an embarrassing amount of time gently cropping and placing a pug between two moons for this pack, I should actually put it out there for people to use,

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How my sticker pack is: someone sends me a shit post image and says “add this” so I do

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@catgoat ty for this, i'm always looking to expand my weird ass collection of telegram stickers

@extinct yw!! I too love weird ass telegram stickers

@catgoat here's a set a friend introduced in one of my chats you might enjoy if you don't have it already:

@extinct oh shit I had a smaller set like this but this one is even better, sweeet

@catgoat ty so much! i love drawing disembodied bat faces and should do it more often

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