Bringing this twitter link over here because I’ve seen usernames like this a lot, so maybe consider screen readers before writing your name with those special characters that look like different fonts!

Remember: you can add alt text to your pictures AND cw your emoji hell posts! It helps people using assistive technology to have a better experience in the fediverse.

@catgoat And see, we've got it even worse on Masto because of those damn special-font emojos a lot of instances (including the one I'm on) have

It'd be okay of people would CW it but most of the time they don't

@autumnontape yeah it’s a little frustrating because there *was* just starting to be a culture of cw-ing those posts but I think it got disrupted with some of the big influxes. i don’t use a screen reader, but I try to be conscious of it because it seems super fucking annoying.

@catgoat (I say "we" but by that I mean the community, I'm not an assistive technology user fyi)

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