as a Teen of the 2000s, this was my BASE OF OPERATIONS

screenshot of a later incarnation of the l33t t33n h4xx0r desktop 'cause i wanted my xp to look like macintosh

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ah, and i played ff7, which glitched

and i named my mans SPORK and KITTY

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hold on, i found a better one: Listening to the end of eva theME ON WINAMP.... lain as my background, yes baby.

anyone else ever use active worlds? that was the *shit* before second life came around.

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got apache running in this screenshot... it's serving files out of the folder i am currently perusing though a backup of, on my laptop, 15 years in the future, which is magnitudes more powerful than this desktop was

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I found a real, honest to god vintage active worlds screenshot. from Dec 24th, 2001

thats right, christmas eve active worlds for your local introvert baby

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what do I even do about the fact that at some point in my life i created /this/ and the big >^O.o^< was after a long flash animation about how fuckin random i was, the left hand is also flash and when u hover they all change

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i really want to post this flash -- but also, watching it makes my insides curl up and die from embarrassment

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this is the prototype for a VERY BAD php templating system i wrote oh, my god.

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@catgoat is it weird I kind of miss everything being beige instead of GAMER COLORS

@catgoat hooooly fuck, that’s some potent nostalgia infused in that photo

@aredridel i see you're feeling me on my high quality base of mIRC operations, perl-based "chat bots", and php scripts

i even bought a mandrake linux cd at compUSA

@catgoat Oh geez, my Mandrake CDs were all downloaded on the T1 at work (I was a support tech), and was more of a pIRCh user. That black hole wallpaper tho.

@aredridel I think this was right after we got cable internet (through Adelphia!), and a little too early for me to have a job outside of "that kid in the neighborhood you pay $10 to fix your email"

but yeah, that fuckin...2000s wall paper. I have some fine screen shots from that era too

@catgoat Heh, that kid was SO ME. Eventually realized they'd pay me basically whatever, and they respected me more the more I charged.

@catgoat I see Furcadia 👀 and yea I didn't play active worlds but I know someone who did

@roxy oh yeah I was on furcadia a lot!! Even wrote a couple little bot pals for it, somewhere I have old portraits for furcadia too!

@catgoat I used to play it a ton but now whenever I go on I can't find anyone to talk to ;;

@roxy awww, yeah it’s sad how online spaces become ghost towns like that over time ;;

@catgoat I’m very intrigued by whatever this jenova-looking pile of meshes is in the center of the map here (assuming everybody is spawned on top of each other)

@coda i have another shot of... something similar, i think the spines coming out of the dude was a jester hat???

@catgoat gosh that wallpaper set to centered with a black background was great

@catgoat it's a default wallpaper, I have an installation that should have it right here gimme a minute

@noiob lol no worries, german is actually the only other language i'm familiar with

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