see it really is tumblr 2011, remove us from the federation captain, we're going pirates

i didn't even know other people could see us im laughign so hard

@jovan you're probably gonna be defederated by all of the block-heavy instances within an hour or so, so you probably don't have to worry about it too much tbh

that said people are upset with you mostly because it's convention on the fediverse (what the network as a whole is called) to use the CW feature if you're gonna be joking/talking about heavy shit, lets people curate their experience better

@pea thats completely fair but we've been using this site for maybe 2 hours and dont know all the features or rules, didnt even know it was all connected that way was intended to be private i dont see many people on my server using the CW feature for text posts


@jovan yea you can like, disable federation for your server if you wanted? if your users don't use CWs some people will probably defederate or silence posts from you since it breaks their servers rules, since they're kinda the norm, but i see you're trying to get the hang of it, so that's :doge_cool:

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