Running a small instance is rlly fun... you get to know people a little, and recognize the users who post on local even if they’d otherwise be strangers? I feel like it really is kind of a small neighborhood here and there’s awesome neighbors and y’all trust me as the local handyman, duct tape and all

I’ve been trying to DM new users custom welcomes for a while bc I want folks to know there really are actual people behind this, and you’re known and not just some random ID # tied to ad revenue.

Plus, we have great close neighbors in their own neighborhoods in the fedi thanks to the existence of relays 💜 and I’ve gotten to know so many people on and off meemu I never would have met without fedi!!

@catgoat I'm basically one of those coyotes that howl out in nature, except I'm a wolf that just eats everyone's pizza scraps and does a lot of :yell:

@whiiskers instance neighbors hanging out tossing you the crusts, like hey buddy!!! what's up!!

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