Before and after thyroid treatment for my dog!!!! He looks so different.

it took ~3 years of vet appointments and different medications to find out it was just hypothyroidism after all!! but it really changes them

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btw: these pictures are 3 years apart!!! he looks like he aged in reverse lol

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3 years of vet visits, 3 socks, 3 years between pictures there's a pattern here

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@Hi_cial i couldn't believe it when his coat grew in -- i had NEVER seen him with fur, and it's thick and plush now, and *soft* and he almost changed color. and yeah, his feet and face were swollen, and he lost muscle tone so even his ears were sad

@Hi_cial i made it out of 3 socks sewn together with the feet cut out... it was so cute on him (but now he is too small for his fashion leggings)

@Hi_cial OH! he does!! i've never thought about it that way, he does kind of have leg warmers :)

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