(my last) official statement as an administrator of vulpine.club 

effective this evening, i have resigned my position as an active administrator of vulpine.club.

this is due to my own inactivity and inability to offer the level of commitment and attention that this community deserves. i absolutely support vulpine.club to the end and want to see it thrive.

i have offered my services (and had accepted) to the current administrative team insofar as assisting in Discord server management, responding to incidents (social and engineering), and in ramping up any new or existing members of the team on subjects which i am knowledgeable about relating to v.c.

i'll do my best to be around on a personal level, but i don't expect to be around on masto a ton -- catch me on twitter.com/tastymochafox or t.me/sariyamelody if you've been looking for me.

after i send this message, i will be removing my own elevated Mastodon permissions.

a quick personal note:

y'all are amazing, every single one of you, users and staff. i regularly felt, and feel, honored to be trusted by you all in maintaining this wonderful soft and gentle space. my service has been a blessing. thank you all. it has truly been an honor.


(my last) official statement as an administrator of vulpine.club 

@tastymochafox <33 you did good

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