I’ve been running an instance since 2017 and I gotta say the whole moderation experience sucks. And I can’t even automate it because the API fof domain suspension doesn’t seem to exist, and then only alternative is manually finding and white listing Every Instance.

Honestly just having a mode where new instances were queued for approval somewhere like new users would make my life 1,000x easier. @Gargron

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Great to know we might have admin page graphs and not any kind of effective moderation. Superb.

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@catgoat almost like the moderation system is using dark patterns to help encourage Eugen's vision of everyone federated together to make the twitter clone's numbers go up -_-

@catgoat I have a C# class for authenticating and creating domain blocks, if you want it.

@ChlorideCull honestly that would be amazing! I started making something in Python but I also know c# 🤔

@catgoat I apparently had it on Github already :)

Class in question is under RemoteApi/Scraping.cs

@ChlorideCull sweeet thank you!! if i manage to get something worthwhile going i'll definitely share

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